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How realistic is a consistent forty goal scorer?

You may be surprised that it's not very realistic at all.

Analysis: Plus/Minus Sucks

Demonstrating through use cases why plus/minus is the worst statistic in hockey, and maybe pro sports.

Further to The Art of Hockey Analytics

A look at how Kevin Cheveldayoff could be wrong or right in what he said to Ed Tait.

Perspective on Evander Kane's Down Year

Apparently it is rag on Evander Kane for not scoring enough month, but how about a little perspective?

Do the Jets play down to their competition?

A by the numbers look at how the Jets perform relative to who they are up against.

Winnipeg Jets Goals Against Blame Game

When more than one thing is wrong, how do you distribute the blame?

Winnipeg Jets and the elusive goal of depth

Taking a look at the Winnipeg Jets relative to some of the deeper rosters in the NHL.

Who is driving the play?

A deeper look into how our Jets players have fared thus far.

Maurice vs Noel: Reality vs Perceptions

A quick peek at what is and isn't going on with the Winnipeg Jets with their two different coaches.

Buying out Ondrej is the next logical step

Ondrej Pavelec is no longer the Winnipeg Jets' goaltender of the future and his contract situation is handcuffing the team.

Trending Corsi: Scheiefele, Kane and Jokinen

A look at what has happened, by the numbers.

How to best evaluate defensive defencemen

A comparison on how Corsi events and goals perform in predicting future goals, specifically for events against the player's team in evaluating defensive success.

Mister Underrated

Michael Frolik is scoring at a better clip than he has at any other point in his career. Why?

Jets Power Rankings Compilation - Nov. 28, 2013

The MSM release their Power Rankings weekly, and we've compiled them all into one place to make it easier for you to see where the Winnipeg Jets rank. You're welcome.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Faceoff Percentages

A lot of talk has gone around about the Jets' woes at the dot, but how much should we make of it?

The Jets did well to acquire Michael Frolik

While the bottom-six of the Winnipeg Jets remains very much a "work-in-progress", Kevin Cheveldayoff did a very nice job to bolster it by bringing a solid player in Michael Frolik.

If you don't trust LLW you're likely a stupid baby

The line of Andrew Ladd, Bryan Little and Blake Wheeler would be a formidable first line for any NHL team.

Coach Noel may have cost the Jets a playoff berth

We take a look at how some #NoeLogic choices likely hurt the Winnipeg Jets chances into getting into the playoffs.

Why Olli Jokinen is likely to improve this year

We continue our discussion on probabilities and how variables outside of a players control affects their statistics.

Causation of Hitchcock & Tippet effect on goalies

Is there any truth to the belief that Ondrej Pavelec would have better numbers if he played behind -- say -- the Boston Bruins? We use statistics to find out.

Comparing the 2013 Jets to past Stanley Cup champs

How do the 2012-13 Winnipeg Jets stack up against the last six Stanley Cup Champions?

Winnipeg Jets 2012-13 Season Review, Goaltending

A deeper look into how the Jets' performed, what we should expect for next season, and how we can improve.

Winnipeg Jets 2012-13 Season Review: The Defense

A deeper look into how the Jets' performed, and what we should expect moving forward.

Jets Can't Follow In The Leafs' Footsteps

Leafs this Leafs that. Blah blah blah. The Winnipeg Media loves you Randy Carlye, but the public felating must end.

2013 Winnipeg Jets Final Player Grades - Forwards

The Winnipeg Jets have packed their bags and left for home after finishing 9th in the Eastern Conference and out of the playoffs. The postmortem of the season is in full swing, and here's a look at how the forwards did.

Alex Burmistrov, Winnipeg's possession wizard

What do the numbers say about the Jets top secret top performer for possession? Read on to find out.

Jets Mid-Point Grades: Defense & Goalies

The Winnipeg Jets have reached the half-way point of this abbreviated season, so it's time to grade the players. Combining basic and advanced stats, the following is a look at how the defense and goalies have done.

Jets Mid-Point Grades: Forwards Edition

The Winnipeg Jets have reached the half-way point of this abbreviated season, so it's time to grade the players. Combining basic and advanced stats, the following is a look at how the forwards have done so far.

Which Winnipeg Jets can't hit the net?

Find out which members of the Winnipeg Jets can't hit the net.

Winnipeg Jets Player Useage Chart

Wonder who is logging the tough minutes for your Winnipeg Jets?

Way off target

Missed shots have been an issue for the Winnipeg Jets this year, but how big of an issue is it?

Winnipeg Jets Crease Clearing, Shot Quality & Pav

Fans complain that the Winnipeg Jets make it too easy on opponents in front of their netminder. They claim that too many shots come from in tight and this is the reason for Pav's low save percentage, but the numbers say no!