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♫ Sleeping On His Dock ♪

The Winnipeg Jets, and particularly their GM Kevin Cheveldayoff, have come under some heavy scrutiny for making so few changes to a non-playoff team this summer. I thought I'd put it to song. You're welcome, and I hope it gets stuck in your head.

Who Would You Draft?

The summer is upon us and much like Kevin Cheveldayoff, we are committed to having a strong off-season. To start it off right, we want to know who would you draft.

Jets "Plan" Stolen from the Underpants Gnomes?

After being given exclusive access to the True North offices, AIH's own arby_18 discovered an uncanny similarity between Chevy's "plan" and that of the Underpants Gnomes from South Park...

Ban Celebrations, Become Good!

I have figured out what is truly holding the Winnipeg Jets back and it is not goaltending, poor special teams, lack of depth, or bad asset management but celebrating the little successes like scoring a goal!

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The Kane Influence

Evander Kane. A controversial figure in the world of professional hockey, a polarizing figure in the city of Winnipeg.

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Kevin Cheveldayoff learns how to use Twitter

A look at what the world would be like if Kevin Cheveldayoff found out about his Twitter hashtags.

An evening with Chevy

A sit down interview that's a lot like My Dinner with Andre except its not.

Pitchforks and Knives

A terrifying Jets tale on all hallows eve.

NHL Lockout Tales of Interest - A Tweet Too Far II

The conclusion of "A Tweet Too Far", where Krys Barch is taught the valuable lesson of what you shouldn't post on Twitter.

NHL Lockout Diaries: The Hunger Games

A screenplay of what happens when thirty NHL General Managers are in disagreement, under the veil of an NHL work stoppage.

NHL Lockout Tales of Interest - A Tweet Too Far

Krys Barch is taught the valuable lesson of what you shouldn't post on Twitter.

Exclusive Look Inside the Winnipeg Jets - Kyle Wellwood Negotiations

AIH had an exclusive opportunity to sneak a peek into the Winnipeg Jets' negotiations with Kyle Wellwood for his brand-spankin' new 1-year, $1.6m contract. A really great look into the inner workings of GM Kevin Cheveldayoff's free agent negotiation

Well Then I Guess I'm Stupid, Jonathan Willis

Ben's Grandpa with insight on the recent drama of conniving, anti-team Russian players and upstanding, good ol' Canadian boys.

Parody: Winnipeg Jets Spring Cleaning

Parodying the end of Winnpeg's first season in the NHL since 1996.