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NHL News

A trade and a non-move.

The Jets made a trade nobody was expecting, and are no longer able to make a signing nobody seems to want anyway. That's big news for a team in hibernation.

The NHL needs to properly define puck possession

Following last night's devastating hit by Eric Gryba on Lars Eller, Gryba was assessed a 5 minute major for interference, despite video showing the puck on the stick of Eller. The question is: did Eller have "possession", or was he only "playing" it?

Jets Power Rankings Compilation - April 17, 2013

The MSM release their Power Rankings weekly, and we've compiled them all into one place to make it easier for you to see where the Winnipeg Jets rank. You're welcome.

Should the Jets attempt to acquire Ryan O'Reilly?

If you were Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Chevaldoyff, would you meet the suggested asking price of a roster player and a top prospect for disgruntled RFA holdout Ryan O'Reilly? Would you sign him to an offer-sheet and give up the draft picks?

NHL GameCenter Live review: It's pretty okay

The NHL was nice enough to give SB Nation site managers free copies of NHL GameCenter Live. Here's our review.

Winnipeg Jets Ranked 29th by ESPN Power Rankings

Scott Burnside believes the Jets' are the worst team in the Eastern Conference and it's hard to rebuke his logic.

CBA For Dummies - By A Dummy

Are the NHL owners really money hungry pigs? Will the NHLPA prevail and return to their adoring public? I don't know, but I attempt to digest all the CBA news that I've read and regurgitate in up in layman terms.

National Broadcast Schedule: Does Canada care about the Winnipeg Jets?

TSN doesn't seem too keen on airing Jets games nationally, but the CBC is giving the Jets plenty of play. How does the Jets national broadcast schedule compare to those of the other Canadian team.

NHLPA Counter Offer: What's the Bottom Line?

A look at what the NHLPA's counter offer means in terms of the bottom line.