Roslovic, Hutchinson, Schilling and Vincent AHL All-Stars


Four Manitoba Moose members will be at the AHL All-Star game, with Jack Roslovic, Cameron Schilling, Michael Hutchinson and Head Coach Pascal Vincent representing the Baby Jets.

Sportsnet nails it with their Stanley Cup Final montage


Sportnet/CBC have always been well revered for their montages and they nailed it again this year with their preview to the Stanley Cup Final.

MacArthur Back At Long Last


Ottawa Senators (and former Atlanta Thrashers) winger Clarke MacArthur played in last night's game against Detroit. He hadn't played since October 2015, missing most of last season with a concussion, and most of this season with a second concussion. As you can see in the video, MacArthur is welling up as he gives a post-game interview. This was a very nice moment, separate from all the pessimism surrounding our team, and the outrage at the NHL's Olympic decision. Just a nice, happy moment. We, hockey fans in general, needed something like this so much.

Kopitar to Gaborik for the first goal against the Winnipeg Jets


The Kings opened scoring early against the Jets

Drew Stafford Contract Talks


Does anyone on this blog know if the Jets have discussed a new contract with Stafford?

NHL Team Websites Revamped


Remember how, during the All-Star weekend, the NHL rolled out its awful new website? Well, the awfulness has spread to the individual teams' pages. Check out the Jets' new awful site.

Jets trade 22 and 53 for 18, draft now


This means the Jets are making a pick now. Time for popcorn.

According to Craig Custance, the Jets could trade the 22 overall pick


The Winnipeg Jets might be looking to add another defenceman or younger player who is closer in age to the core to help the Jets immediately.

Are the Winnipeg Jets winning their trades?


How has the Winnipeg Jets fared with their trades since 2011? Are they winning or losing? This article attempts to answer that question. I have created a table that tracks each trade conducted by the Jets that compares traded players according to a very simple, transparent statistic called ProGames (ProGms). Check out the article to find out more,,,

Where did Phillips go?