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The Best of Arctic Ice Hockey

Hockey and the Mythology of Tough

Hockey Players are Tough, but so is Every Other Athlete

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Underdogs: The ultimate fan story

In sport, it's all about building championship contenders. But there is a subtle joy in cheering for an underdog that just cannot go unignored.

The emotional cost of losing

Losing can be hard on anyone. On a professional athlete who is programmed to win and to be the best it can be even more taxing. It is looking like the losses are starting to affect the Jets psyche.

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Kevin Cheveldayoff learns how to use Twitter

A look at what the world would be like if Kevin Cheveldayoff found out about his Twitter hashtags.

The real problem with the Winnipeg Jets

If you are gonna shit the bed, you shit it out of your bottom - much like the Winnipeg Jets.

Causation of Hitchcock & Tippet effect on goalies

Is there any truth to the belief that Ondrej Pavelec would have better numbers if he played behind -- say -- the Boston Bruins? We use statistics to find out.

Did the Jets' Coaches Optimize their Goaltenders?

Did starting Ondrej Pavelec 43 times between the pipes this season help the Winnipeg Jets, or hurt them?

Jets Do The Right Thing By Doing Nothing

A lot of people expected the Winnipeg Jets to be making moves as the NHL trade deadline approached. The team made no deals - which was the right move for the team to make, as it looks to establish its own identity.

Finding value at the NHL Trade Deadline

While some obvious names are sure to be on the move, we look at some less obvious names that an opportunistic Winnipeg Jets management team ought to make a push for at the trade deadline.

Benching the Burminator: By the Numbers

What do the numbers say about Alexander Burmistrov? Is he really underachieving?

I resolve to care less about the NHL in 2013

Instead of picking a useless New Year's Resolution, I've decided to make this one count. I plan to care less about the NHL, and have both the league and the players work hard to win me back.

The Winnipeg Jets killed my father

The heartfelt story of a man, his father and the common bond they shared through the sport of hockey.

An open letter to Winnipeg Jets' ownership

It's time for the moderate NHL owners to stand up and end the NHL lockout.

Why you Should Support the NHL Owners

Why you should support the NHL owners in the ongoing NHL lockout negotiations.

A look at the top prospects of the Winnipeg Jets.

Arctic Ice Hockey takes a look at the top prospects of the Winnipeg Jets.

Was size the Jets' missing ingredient?

The common narrative of the Winnipeg Jets' offseason is that the team needed to get better. Were the Jets really a small team? Will an increase in size make them better? Read more to find out.

What cap hit does Ondrej Pavelec deserve?

Ondrej Pavelec recently signed a 5-year 3.9MM AAV contract, but have his stats dictated that he earned it?

Interview: Patrick Burke of You Can Play

With their latest PSA featuring Tanner Glass and Dustin Byfuglien set to drop this week, we catch up with Patrick Burke to talk about the You Can Play Project.

A moment of silence for the Atlanta Thrashers

Former Thrasher blogger Laura Astorian gives us her perspective on the end of an era in Atlanta.

What Scouts Said About the 1988 Draft Class

Now taking a look at another gem, this time the scouting reports for the draft-eligible prospects for 1988. Possibly the only time you'll see Francois Leroux and Adrien Plavsic in the top 15 of a talent contest.

The Shifts that Changed the Game: The Defection

In 1989, a fresh-faced Russian named Alexander Mogilny rewrote the NHL as we now know it.

What Scouts Said About the 1987 Draft Class

Taking a look at the scouting reports for the top 21 prospects in 1987, wherein Glen Wesley was tough, but apparently he was no Wayne McBean. A friendly reminder that some parts of these evaluations are absolutely, utterly meaningless.

The myth of goon ice-time

A statistical analysis that outlines how much ice-time NHL goons receive when games are on the line.

Jets Individual Performances Compared to Last Year

Comparing Jets individual point totals to last year.

Defining Moments: The day my dreams died

The story of a boy, his dad and the most memorable hockey game they would attend.

A timeline in assessing player talent

How long until we can say with certainty that a player has reached his athletic ceiling?

The shifts that changed the game: The Butterfly

Looking at butterfly goaltending's history and it's impact on the modern and historical game. And I don't even gush about Patrick Roy!

The shifts that changed the game: The curved blade

Taking a look at some of the innovations that changed the game - this time around, Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita's curve, which altered things more than you may think.

Evander Kane's Historical Comparables

Evander Kane's Historical Comparables: Kessel, Perry, Frolik and Lanny McDonald

Interview: College Hockey Inc's Paul Kelly

With Clarkson taking on the University of North Dakota over the weekend, we sat down with Paul Kelly and asked him a few questions pertaining to college hockey.