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AIH 20416 Podcast

Hosted by @sliiiiip and @PhilipAIver, two #NHLJets fans living in Toronto. Each week, we bring you Winnipeg Jets talk and interviews with SB Nation writers from across the NHL!

AIH 20416 Episode 38: Blues, Penguins & NHL Draft!

AIH 20416 Ep 37: The Sharks! The OHL!

AIH 20416 Ep 36: SJ v StL, Lightning & Capitals

AIH 20416 Ep 35: Sabres, Flames & Patrik Laine!

AIH 20416 Ep 34: NHL Draft Lottery Reactions!

AIH 20416 Ep 33: Preds v Ducks, Kings & Prospects!

AIH 20416 Ep 32: Playoffs, Tucker Poolman & U18s

AIH 20416 Ep. 6: Connor McDavid vs. the World

Are you sick of Connor McDavid being compared to Wayne Gretzky and other all-time greats? Well don't worry, because so are we!

AIH 20416 Ep 30: Pens, 2016 Draft & Jets Prospects

AIH 20416 Ep 29: 2016 Top Prospects Talk!

AIH 20416 Ep. 28: Relaunching the AIH Superfans!

AIH 20416 Ep. 26: Flames, Bruins & NY Riveters!

AIH 20416 Ep. 25: Trade Deadline Extravaganza!

It was a busy Trade Deadline special for the AIH 20416 Podcast, interviewing folks representing the Chicago Blackhawks, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers, Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks. Come for the Andrew Ladd talk, stay for the Vancouver despair!

AIH 20416 Ep 23: Buff, Pav & the Battle of Ontario

AIH 20416 Ep. 22: Natural Disaster Night

AIH 20416 Ep. 21: It's Lee Stempniak's World

AIH 20416 Ep. 20: Drouin, Stamkos & Sad Canadiens!

AIH 20416 Ep 19: Midseason review & Jets prospects

A league-wide midseason review, Stanley Cup predictions, and all the prospects you can handle!

AIH 20416 Ep 18: Sabres, Caps & Jones for Johansen

It was an action-packed episode for your two favourite co-hosts, who spoke with guests from Die By The Blade, Japers' Rink, The Cannon and On The Forecheck. Four segments, five guests, let's go!

AIH 20416 Ep. 15: Insider Tips on Travis Hamonic

Your regular AIH 20416 co-hosts were joined in-studio by special guest @BigPapiPegCity, and our triumvirate looked to mine the depths of Islanders knowledge both new and old.

AIH 20416 Podcast Ep. 14: The Superfans Bellyache

Our superior product of a podcast is swamped by the AIH Superfans. Somebody call for help, quickly!

AIH 20416 Episode 13: Reset the Evander Kane Clock

Your favourite Toronto-based co-hosts achieve a major milestone with our first repeat guest, Jack Goods of SB Nation's Die By The Blade. Join us as we discuss all things Buffalo Sabres, some things Winnipeg Jets and talk right through our outro music, because we're professionals!

AIH 20416 Podcast Ep. 12: No Love for Adam Oates

Listen to your two favourite consummate professionals as we interview Adam Stringham, associate editor with SB Nation's Washington Capitals blog, Japers' Rink. Feel him tremble at but the mention of Jaroslav Halak.

AIH 20416 Podcast Ep. 11: The Kat Dennings Edition

Alan fails to appreciate the comic genius which is Kat Dennings, but I forgive him for long enough to interview Ryan Murphy, Managing Editor of Mile High Hockey. Stay tuned for the Let's Watch of Two Broke Girls!

AIH 20416 Ep. 10: The Arizona Juggernaut Is Coming

Milestones were reached, arenas discussed and non-Winnipeg goaltenders thrown under the bus. This is the AIH 20416 podcast!

AIH 20416 Ep. 9: Filip Forsberg or Jacob Trouba?

We return to an unhappier, pre-Canucks existence, interviewing Dan Bradley of SB Nation's On the Forecheck whilst the Jets and Blues tangoed in the background.

AIH 20416 Ep. 8: Bill Wirtz Dying Wasn't So Bad

Alan and I turn our attentions towards another Central Division menace, the Chicago Blackhawks. Here to gloat over winning three Stanley Cups in six years is Adam Hess of Second City Hockey & Feathers in the Hat. Boo him and his team.

AIH 20416 Ep. 7: Talking About Condon & Semin

Your co-hosts Alan and Phil speak with Liam McKenna of Eyes on the Prize, SB Nation's home for all things Montreal Canadiens. Come listen to us being sad pandas after the 5-1 loss!

AIH 20416 Podcast Ep. 5: The St. Louis Tarasenkos

We speak with @hildymac, Site Manager of our mortal enemies over at St. Louis Game Time, in the immediate aftermath of Winnipeg's 4-2 loss to the Blues. Come for the Jets/Blues discussion, stay for the Atlanta Thrashers talk.

AIH 20416 Podcast Episode 4: Blight on the Land

Join us as we talk with rumoured curmudgeon @arby_18, shortly after the Winnipeg Jets became part of New York Islanders history.

AIH 20416 Podcast: Episode 3 - NHL Season Preview

For our division-by-division NHL Season Preview, AIH 20416 picks the brain of Travis Hughes, founder and editor of Broad Street Hockey, manager of SB Nation's 30+ hockey blogs and editor of hockey coverage at I'm not nervous at all.

AIH 20416 Ep. 2: Trying Not to Poop on Ryan Suter

@sliiiiip and I turn our attention to a divisional rival, interviewing podcast veteran @TonyWiseau of SB Nation's Hockey Wilderness.