Playoff Game 3, Vegas Golden Knights at Winnipeg Jets, today/Saturday, April 22nd at: 3pm CST.

Playoff Game 3, Vegas Golden Knights at Winnipeg Jets, Pre Game Preview:

Winnipeg Jets are at home for 2 games with Vegas obviously as the opponent. Winnipeg’s last game in Vegas turned out to be a dud, Winnipeg played well during the first period, unfortunately, the second and third periods did not go well for the Jets, hence the loss.

These 2 games at home in my humble opinion are both must wins for the Jets if they want to win the series against Vegas, the Jets, if they are going to win the series, must get it done in 6 games, if this series goes 7 games, Vegas will win it, especially since game 7 is in Vegas, hence my opinion that the Jets must win out in 6 games.

Hopefully the Jets worked out all of the kinks from last game.

Downtown Winnipeg is going to be crazy today, it’s "White-Out-Time", the atmosphere in our Arena should be electric and crazy as well, hopefully this helps our Winnipeg Jets cruise to victory!


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