Game 2 of the Playoffs for the Jets, Jets at Vegas, tonight/Thursday, April 20th/2023 at: 9pm CST.

Playoff game 2 for the Jets, Jets at Vegas, tonight/Thursday, April 20th/23 at: 9pm CST.

Pre Game Preview:

Jets at Vegas, game 2.

Jets won game 1 in Vegas, can the Jets win game 2 in Vegas?

Morgan Barron, nothing more to be said, other than, obviously a team player.

Barron is in.

Helly will be in net.

Ehlers will be a game time decision as he was last game.

Jets held Vegas to 17 shots last game allowing only 1 goal, Jets defense was awesome, can they do it again/similar fashion?

Jets scored 5 goals, can they do it again?

Jets played an excellent all around "Hockey Game" last game, can they do it again?

Vegas is going to be hungry and angry/Hangry!

It’s going to be a crazy game tonight, Vegas will be out to prove that they are a better team than they showed last game.

As for the Jets, Jets are out to prove that their 5-1 win against Vegas was no fluke.

It’s going to be an interesting and intense game tonight.


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