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Trade Deadline Recap

Game coverage coming soon

Los Angeles Kings v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets made two trades in trade season by acquiring two forwards in Nino Niederreiter and Vladimir Namestnikov. Forward was a position of concern for the Jets and while they needed to do a lot more if they wanted to turn themselves into contenders. The Western Conference is wide open this year and the Jets have been falling down the Central Division. The Jets probably do not have the pieces to emerge from the West, but they also are using up valuable time in their aging core who is already just holding on to being a contender. This could have gone so differently.

Unless something drastically changes, this season could have major implications for the Jets. At some point they need to shit or get off the pot. They do not seem to be willing to choose to go all in or be sellers. They add small pieces, some which are smart, instead of choosing to go one way or another which would in fact force the Jets into a specific direction of either going for it or rebuilding. By choosing neither, the Jets remain treading water in nowhere land.

Not to say the Jets did not have an okay to fine deadline. They got Niederreitter who is a sneaky good player still, but they also traded a player that was traded for Mike Eyssimont who the Jets waived. Yes, that trade had salary cap implications, but it is not like the Jets needed Vladimir Namestnikov. That said, he is better than some of the Jets current options and should help them there. Now onto the game tonight.