The 9 Tools Needed to Start Window Cleaning Professionally

Container for Washing Windows

Cleaning windows requires a certain kind of bucket that isn't like any other. If you want to store your window-cleaning sponge and squeegee inside, you'll find that these containers are shallower and rectangular in shape. If you perform a search for "window cleaning bucket," you'll get several options at different pricing points. Consider the bucket's durability, portability (it should have a carry handle and, ideally, a wheeled frame), and capacity (it should hold a lot of water) before making a purchase.

Even though it's not required, a carry frame with wheels will make tasks considerably less strenuous. For example, instead of carrying a full bucket of water to the next window, you can simply roll it there. It's also helpful if the bucket can be detached from the frame for convenient transport. This is helpful in entering a private residence, as carrying only the bucket will preserve a clutter-free environment.

Sponge for Cleaning Windows

Find a sponge that is easy to squeeze out of its holder and has a high capacity for water absorption. The perfect sponge would have a soft side for spreading the water and detergent, and a rough side for scrubbing off the gunk. In order to easily remove the sponge for washing, the plastic frame must be detachable. The frame ought to contain a swivel handle for ease of movement and access to hard-to-reach areas, such the nooks and crannies of windows.

Squeegee for Cleaning Windows

Blades used in squeegees are typically made of rubber and can range in hardness from soft to extremely hard. Tougher rubber lasts longer but is more difficult to work with. In order to cut down on prep time, choose a blade that falls in the middle of the hardness spectrum and that you can easily manipulate. Never risk running out of blades by without bringing enough extras. A squeegee with a nicked rubber blade will waste your time and effort by leaving water lines and streaks on the glass.


Professional window cleaners use specialised window cleaning cloths and liquid in addition to common household detergents. Their decision is frequently motivated by whims of taste. While some window washers swear on dish detergent, others mix up their own special formula for spotless glass. Make sure the detergent you pick helps you out, that it increases your productivity and output. Also, don't be reluctant to explore novel options. However, the majority opt to begin with regular dishwashing soap because it is inexpensive, widely accessible, and effective against grease (something that is plentiful on windows).

Tissues for Wiping

If you need to clean the sashes of your windows, don't use a dishrag. For a thorough yet quick cleaning, it's best to use lint-free, microfiber cloths. You'll want a lot of them so you can keep working even as some are being washed. The size of your business and the duration of your workdays will also play a role in determining how many you need. You should only wipe the windows and seals using these cloths. Frames that have been cleaned with them or exposed to other chemicals may be irreparably damaged.


Towels of several sizes should be kept handy; discarded bath towels are ideal for this purpose. Towels of varying sizes are useful for different purposes: smaller towels can be kept damp and used to wipe down screens and frames, while larger towels can be laid on the floor and along the bottom of windows while working inside (catching the excess water instead of letting it fall on the customer's floor). To avoid damaging a home's floors or walls, you can use these towels to place under your bucket and tools.


Having a blade on hand will be helpful, especially for smaller tasks around the house. Most homeowners don't clean their windows very often, so gunk like sap, gum, and insect poop builds up over time. Paint and concrete spills are common occurrences in brand new construction. A blade comes in handy in this situation because, after wetting the window, you may run it across any tenacious dirt, and it will generally just pull right off. Be especially careful around glazed glass, since the blade may leave a scratch. Glazed glass can be recognised by its wavy reflections when viewed from an angle. Sticker labels should also be placed on glass windows.

Holster for Cleaning Windows

This is commonly attached to a belt. The ideal holster for a window cleaner would include dedicated spaces for both the squeegee and the sponge, making it quick and easy to switch between the two as needed.

Pole Extender

An extension pole is helpful no matter what level you're working on. To re-wet your sponge fast and with no effort, it becomes an extension of your arm. Large windows, or those that are simply too high to reach without a pole, can be cleaned more easily. Many tasks can be completed substantially quicker with the help of this instrument.

Get The Ultimate Window Cleaning Services

You need a reliable business that can provide high-quality service if you want your windows cleaned effectively. A business with the expertise and manpower to provide top-notch window washing services. If you need someone to clean the windows in your home or business, you should call them first to make sure they have the proper tools for the job. Some window washing businesses only have the resources to provide a rudimentary service, while others are fully equipped to handle any and all of your professional cleaning requirements.

Select a business well-known for its use of organic cleansers if you want your windows effectively and thoroughly cleaned. This organisation values its local community and makes use of eco-friendly practises and materials. You need a cleaning service that can get the job done without harming the vegetation near the windows.

Businesses and residential complexes with multiple floors can benefit from the services of a business that specialises in window maintenance for multi-story structures. In the absence of the right equipment and personnel who are trained in the necessary methods for cleaning this specific type of window, the task may be challenging. If you manage a multi-unit property or run a business in a multi-story structure, you need hire a window cleaning service that can clean the windows in your building.

Staff at reputable businesses receive thorough training. Cleaning windows is a potentially dangerous job, especially if the windows are high up. You should hire a firm whose employees have received the proper training to clean effectively and safely. Windows are similarly fragile and must be cleaned carefully by professionals to prevent damage.

In order to ensure that your windows shine brightly and safely, hire a firm that can handle polishing in a way that minimises the likelihood of accidental spillage. Expert window cleaners will know how to contain any accidental drips or splashes throughout the cleaning process.

Those who clean windows for a living know how crucial it is to have insurance. Choosing a cleaning service that provides insurance for its employees is a smart option. If you require cleaners to take care of windows in a high-up area, it's crucial that you find out whether or not they have experience doing so. This covers you in case of an accident while cleaning.

Reviews are crucial since they reveal what other customers think of a company's offerings. When looking for a reliable cleaning service, read the feedback previous customers have left about the company's window cleaning. This will tell you if they are the ideal business to provide the services you need.

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