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NHL Mock Draft 2022: Winnipeg Jets select Filip Mesar No. 30 overall

Finland v Slovakia: Preliminary Round Group A - 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

With the 30th pick the Winnipeg Jets select Filip Mesar. From what I have read, Mesar is the type of pick you make with a late first round pick. If he hits, he hits really well. If he misses, he is the type of miss you want because the skill is there, but he has not put it all together the way some of the higher-ranked players have.

Mesar is a strong skater who can help his team move the puck. He is also skilled, but he has room for improvement and it is up to him to show that improvement. Different sites have different concerns, but the two that I have seen are his fight in traffic and how transferable his skill is. The first one could come with some time and patience as his actual skill is good. Sometimes young players try to do too much and they end up making things harder on themselves until they adjust to the level they are playing at.

Mesar is playing in the Slovakian men’s league and when he is playing against his peers, he appears to be a good player. The question is when will that happen. He might continue playing in Slovakia, but he would be a candidate to come over to the CHL in the import draft which does not have any Russians or Belarussians in it this year. Also, teams can help control where players go so the Jets would have some say in the matter.

Wherever Mesar plays next year, it will be an important year in his development to show growth when it comes to playing in traffic and becoming more consistent in his effort. Even if the scoring is not there, the effort should always be there. Late first round picks can amount to nothing, but could also amount to a lot.

*Writer’s Note:

This was supposed to be released yesterday, but I was seemingly exhausted and fell asleep fully dressed and slept for a good, long time. So sorry about that. I will do my best to...not be exhausted by the end of the school year next time.