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Preview and GDT: Can we just end the charade?

Colorado Avalanche v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Time: 6:30 PM CDT

Channel: TSN3

Radio: CJOB

I’ll be honest, I am super tired of the Winnipeg Jets this year. They are exhausting. I actually have looked at a blank story for over an hour just not wanting to type anything. The Jets are just one of those teams that drain you. And now they are playing an even more draining team, the Philadelphia Flyers. And friends, the Flyers are bad. The Flyers were so bad they had to trade Claude Giroux who seems like he was the Flyers.

So outside of that, the Jets will be playing their usual lineup and the Flyers there. Both have key players missing and those key players probably would have impacted the game.

I am now going to go back to my new favourite thing which is Charles Barkley and the TNT crew dunking on Kevin Durant. Trust me, you will wish the NHL had this once you watch this saga: