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Preview and GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs. Carolina Hurricanes

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 6:00 PM CDT

Channel: TSN3

Radio: CJOB

The Winnipeg Jets are playing the Carolina Hurricanes. They are not playing for anything other than draft position now as they were eliminated last night after the Vegas Golden Knights won in regulation. The only thing the Jets have to play for now is their pride and for young players to make their case for next year.

The Hurricanes have slowly turned into one of the quiet powerhouses of the NHL by combining brains with shrewd trains and good drafting. They have a plan when it comes to young players and using them properly. They have made smart off-ice hires and have shown that teams can intelligently rebuild in short order. The Jets should look at what they have done as a potential model for success.

The Jets have nothing to play for and are not planning on calling up young players to give them a real chance in the NHL. This is a major mistake as this is the perfect time for the Jets have the perfect time for them to test drive some new players.