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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Ottawa Senators

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 6:30 PM CDT

Television: TSN3

Radio: CJOB

The Winnipeg Jets are in the nation’s capital to play the Ottawa Senators. The Sens have struggled on and off this season. They are not officially out of the playoff race, but like the Winnipeg Jets it is only semantics at this point. Both teams are out of the playoffs with too much ground to realistically make up to make it in, but they can still make it based on math.

The Jets will once again be without Blake Wheeler as he continues to be out with whatever is ailing him. Their lineup has not changed from Fridays game against the Colorado Avalanche, which is par the course for the Jets. They will be playing back to back games tonight and tomorrow, so expect them to use Connor Hellebuyck one night and Eric Comrie the next night.

The Jets will be looking to win this game even if the only thing it might affect is giving them a worse draft position. That is the way it goes in the NHL and while some people support tanking, the idea of not trying to win a game seems gross. Teams might not have enough talent to win games or have too many injuries, but that is different than not even trying.

The Jets have also had a weird schedule. It makes no sense that they played the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple before coming back home for a game only to go back out east right after. That does not make sense from any standpoint unless they were strapped for scheduling reasons. Either way, the Jets are back out east for two games before being back home for one and then back out east. Make it make sense.