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Game Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs. St. Louis Blues

The Jets were actually pretty good!

Winnipeg Jets v St Louis Blues Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

l like writing about Winnipeg Jets wins. They are good and fun. Winning is a bit counterproductive to my Team Tank agenda, but I still relish the sight of Jordan Binnington lying flat on his face while Dubois skates away in glee. The Jets, for all of their faults, can occasionally play some very entertaining hockey, and we got loads of entertainment in their bout with the St. Louis Blues. Both teams seemed eager to trade odd-man and rush counters, sometimes doing so on every single shift. If you like stretched ice hockey, this was your game. Here are some takeaways from an enjoyable Jets evening.

Winnipeg Jets v St Louis Blues Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

Seven Takeaways

  1. Nikolaj Ehlers. That’s it. That’s the takeaway.
  2. Winnipeg was full-value on offense, peppering the slot constantly and forcing massive saves or blocks from the Blues. It’s rare for the Jets to offensively impose their will, but they did so with aplomb against St. Louis.
  3. Andrew Copp took a nasty headshot from Oskar Sundqvist, thought it likely wasn’t intentional. All the same, Copp had to leave the ice and go into concussion protocol. That’s not a great time for a guy who’s had a number of concussions over the years.
  4. Dubois continues to dazzle in his physically imposing way. He’s not afraid to shove people like garbage bags, clearing them out of the way as he steams towards the net. PLD notched a goal and an assist for his efforts, a due reward.
  5. KFC is still a points magnet. Every shot he takes seems to hit the crossbar or find twine. I’m not sure who convinced Kyle to start shooting more, but it’s paying dividends to the tune of 37 goals.
  6. Winnipeg is 4 points out of the second wild card spot, but the Stars are also within reaching distance of the seed and have 3 games in hand. The Jets would be wise to bow out and opt to remain sellers at the deadline.
  7. Have your eye on any acquisitions for a future Jets core? I’d be very keen on guys like Boeser, Konecny, and Sanheim, if the conditions for both sides were reasonable.