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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Dallas Stars

Winnipeg Jets v Dallas Stars Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images

Time: 6:30 PM CST

Channel: SN360

Radio: CJOB

The Winnipeg Jets are playing the Dallas Stars in a game that is surely to have massive playoff implications (I am being sarcastic). For those uninitiated, both the Stars and the Jets run hot and cold. It is hard to tell what team will show up every night which makes the game tonight extra fun.

Musical interlude over: the Jets can try to build off of a game they lost in the last minute, but that would mean they didn’t lose the game in the last minute because they didn’t play a good game. This has long been the story with the Jets. They played a great game against the Minnesota Wild and followed it up with two stinkers against the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames. It is very much the pattern for the Jets and something they should look into fixing at some point. It has only been about five years.

The Dallas Stars are about as enigmatic as the Winnipeg Jets and that will make for an exciting game...or one that will put you to sleep in about five minutes. It is hard to say with a team that seems to either make the playoffs or bottom out. They have no middle ground when it comes to the playoffs and you know what? I respect that. They still have the same core of the team that they had the year they went to the Stanley Cup Final in the Bubble and based on the results this year, they will most likely be trading away some of those pieces.

The Jets will not have to be as worried about Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin as in previous seasons as the two of them have showed up in the “I am getting older” category of forwards. It is a damn shame Dallas never got more out of them in the regular playoffs, but also good for the Jets. You don’t want your divisional rivals being playoff juggernauts.

Prediction: I have all my marking finished and marks entered by the time I leave work tomorrow and the Jets play well.