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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Nashville Predators

Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Time: 6:00 PM CST

Channel: SN360, CITY

Radio: CJOB

The Winnipeg Jets are playing the Nashville Predators in another must-win game. The Jets will have a lot of those for the next while. They also are not doing the best job of winning them. Their last game is the perfect example of that. The Jets manage to turn off their try for a few minutes every game and it usually explodes in their faces.

The Jets scored with the goalie pulled against the Dallas Stars, but they still lost in overtime. It is at the point with the Jets that they cannot afford losing out on any points. They will have to beat the Predators in regulation. The Jets and Preds have always had great games even when one team or the other is not playing well. They bring out the best in each other and it makes for great television.

Tonight the Jets will need to make sure all the forwards are just as committed to defence as they are to offence. They are lucky to have Pierre Luc Dubois back in the lineup and will hopefully be able to capitalize on having his skill back in the lineup. He has been playing fabulously this year.

The Jets will once again be relying on a defence that has always looked a little shakier than needed. It has been nice to see Ville Heinola get regular playing time and stop making so many timing mistakes, it is still easy to see how not playing regularly has hurt him. Same goes for all the young players who were yo-yoed. Kyle Connor was the exception (played in the AHL, called up and played in impact minutes) instead of the rule when his success should have made him the rule.

As for the Predators, it is hard to use the Central Division standings right now as the games played is quite a difference. However, the Preds do have more wins than the Jets and the Jets will have to win their games during the Olympic Break which they have no so far. The Preds have been a hot and cold team in recent years, so who knows how they will play tonight although they are second in the division.