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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs Detroit Red Wings

Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Time: 6:30 PM CST

Channel: TSN3

Radio: CJOB

The Winnipeg Jets are back in action tonight against the Detroit Red Wings and they will be without many players due to players being in COVID protocols both with the Winnipeg Jets and the Manitoba Moose. It is also not surprising that the Jets have so many players affected by COVID because the Canadian military estimates that 40% of Winnipegers have COVID at the moment, but not nearly that many people are being tested due to testing capacity issues and not counting positives from rapid antigen tests as they just don’t okay.

Now for hockey. The NHL has been wildly inconsistent on what predicates a game being cancelled. The Montreal Canadiens played with essentially an AHL roster while the Philadelphia Flyers were postponed with four players out. It seems like the policy is dictated by what games are easier to reschedule than others. This adversely affects the Canadian teams as they have had other games rescheduled for attendance reasons.

Now onto the Jets actual game tonight. Cole Perfetti is called up as are Dylan Samberg and Declan Chislom. Ville Heinola is unavailable because he is in the AHL’s COVID protocols. The Jets will have to proceed with what they have and hope that the players they have are able to live up to the promise that they have shown in the AHL.

One player who has been living up to the promise he showed years ago is Connor Hellebuyck who has been carrying the Jets for far too long under multiple coaches now. Without him the Jets would probably be lost in the woods, but with him they always have a fighting chance. Because they would be struggling big time without Hellebuyck behind them.

It will be hard to get a good read on the Jets the next few games while they have so many players in protocol. That said, we will be able to see how the prospects are developing and if any appear to be ready for full-time NHL playing time. On y va!