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Preview and GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs. Edmonton Oilers

2021 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Us here at Arctic Ice Hockey are still in pre-season form, but bounced back from completely missing the GDT to...writing one right before the game like old times. No worries kids, we still have a few games to sort out the glitches before it matters.

Okay, the Winnipeg Jets are playing the Edmonton Oilers in a game that means nothing. No clue who the goalie is because I was herding cats teaching this morning and missed the lineups. We could very well get to see what would happen to the Jets if Connor Hellebuyck misses time this year which could be fun. And by fun I mean give everyone a million heart attacks. Please don’t leave us, Connor.

Okay, have fun tonight, kids.