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Winnipeg Jets sign Andrew Copp

1 year for $3.64 million.

Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens - Game Three Photo by Francois Lacasse/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets and Andrew Copp have agreed to a new one year contract ahead of arbitration later this month. This is good news because arbitration hearings can be contentious.

A one year contract means that Copp will be an unrestricted free agent (UFA) at the end of the season and could potentially become trade bait if the Jets are not doing as well as they wanted. His relatively low cap hit means he would be a nice pick up for a contending team if the Jets are selling. They can also keep him if they are playing well or don’t get an offer they like. Copp is never going to hurt you.

This is where the Jets stand and what they needed to do. If they have some cap clarity and can pay Copp more for next season at some point, they can extend him. If not they can either get a return for him or keep him and let him walk (or trade his rights for a pick). None of those things will hurt the Jets and honestly this is the best they could do with the cap restraints and needing to upgrade the defence. We shall see how next season goes.