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The Winnipeg Jets select Chaz Lucius with the 18th overall pick

2021 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have selected forward Chaz Lucius in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. Outside of having a top three name in the draft, Lucius is a talented player who probably should have been drafted earlier except all the NHL teams decided to roll into town for the NHL draft and are currently in summer mode therefore they are possibly a bit drunk on life.

Anyways, Lucius was ranked 10 in Bob McKenzie’s draft rankings which is often the best and most accurate list out there. There is no rhyme or reason to why Lucius fell in the draft this year, but it could be because he had knee surgery and did not play a game until February. However, some players did not play a game at all, so that should not matter.

Based on my primitive reading, Lucius is a skilled player who can score goals and put up points. Playing in the USNDPT, he was able to score 13 goals in 18 games, adding in five assists for good measure. That might be indicative that he is not a passer, but he also might just play the role of trigger man on his line. Either way, no harm no foul. You need people who are unafraid to shoot.

Lucius is scheduled to play at the University of Minnesota and is from Minnesota himself. That means he is used to cold weather and snow which is a plus here. He is also a red head meaning the Jets keep their ginger numbers up after the loss of Mason Appleton on Wednesday.