2021-2022 Jets. Getting younger (by force)

Fans of the Winnipeg Jets should be ready to rejoice, as Head Coach Paul Maurice will be playing a lot of his home grown younger talent this year vs. the old vets of yesteryear. He really won't have a choice... the Salary Cap will have he and Chevy handcuffed into promoting a number of thier ELC signed players.

Lets start by speculating on resigning our in house RFAs:

Copp, age 27 - I'll go 3 x 3M (in line w/ Lowry)

Brossoit, age 28 - back for another year at 1 x 1.5M

Stanley, age 23 - I think he'll get a bridge 2-3 x 1.5M

Pionk, age 25 - Morrisey cash and term 5-6 at 6.25M

Pionk is getting his money, and he deserves it. The other 3 I believe I have penciled in at a reasonable value.

Then, looking ahead one more year, at those who will be due a raise in 22-23:

PLD, Harkins, Vesy, Gustafsson and Niku

So, lets bid adieu to the aging forwards Thompson, Perreault, Lewis, and Stastney, as well as showing the door to greying rearguards Poolman, Forbort, and Benn

Ahhh, doesn't that feel good? But where does that leave us now?

Filling the roster in house, but leaving young Mr. Perfetti out of this for one more year (hell, we have to keep someone in reserve, and he's only 19)...

Wheeler, Schief, Connor

Ehlers, PLD, (____)

Lowry, Copp, Harkins

Vesy, Gustafsson, (_____)

Morrissey, DeMelo

Heinola, Pionk

Stanley, Niku


That, friends, is 13.1M in available cap space with 2 wingers to acquire this year, 5 raises to plan for the following year (4 of those coming off of ELC), in a flat-cap environment, with a very young blueline - just to get to roster size.

So yes, we will very likely see a lot of our much awaited young talent soon.

I just hope they are ready.

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