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Some Takeaways: Winnipeg Jets vs. Montreal Canadiens

It’s mercifully close to being over.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Winnipeg Jets at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no denying it; the Winnipeg Jets are getting laughed out of the playoffs. On my last takeaways recap, someone suggested the game 1 and 2 losses weren’t nearly as dire as they looked. I can only wonder what conclusion a viewer draws from this embarrassment of a game. This was just sad to watch, with the Montreal Canadiens more or less curb-stomping the Jets. Winnipeg had a few pings but by and large, this was a one-sided affair. All we can hope is that this off-season brings the long overdue change the Jets have needed.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Winnipeg Jets at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Some Takeaways

  • The Jets look cooked. The body language is poor, the mood is down, and the performance on-ice is quite bad.
  • Montreal has made Winnipeg’s defense look silly. Oh no....
  • Hellebuyck continues to do all he can, but even he cannot save the team.
  • Winnipeg’s off-season is near at hand. Will the Jets finally move on from Maurice and/or Chevy? Are we doomed to repeat the same cycle as per usual?
  • The team has some serious decisions to make with protection lists. Dylan DeMelo needs to be on it. His absence has completely devastated the Jets blueline.
  • If you’re sitting through these games....hope the Jets give you something worthwhile on Monday night’s affair. Maybe a quick sweep will be a tender mercy.