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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Ottawa Senators

Winnipeg Jets v Ottawa Senators Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images

Time: 6:00 PM CDT

Radio: CJOB


The Winnipeg Jets are once again playing their nemesis the Ottawa Senators. Instead of being an easy game, the Sens have proven to be a tough game and are not a guaranteed losing streak snapper that the Jets need. This could make for another long night for the players if things do not go their way.

The Sens are plucky and annoying. They should be down for the count and not care anymore, but they are still out there trying to win games which is bad news for the Jets. They have struggled with the Sens all year and with this game coming during a losing streak, the Jets could be in for a tough one. I think the reason the Sens give the Jets problems is because they pressure the defence who are not the greatest puck movers out there.

The Jets could really use an injection of youth in the lineup. Not as a magic bullet, but to simply mix up the team and give the coaching staff new players to insert into the lineup instead of the constant rearranging of chairs on the deck. Now onto the second last week of NHL hockey!