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Ten Thoughts on Game 4: The Oilers are going home!

Edmonton Oilers v Winnipeg Jets - Game Four Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets beat the Edmonton Oilers in double overtime last night to complete the first round sweep. The series was a lot closer than the final result would indicate with the two teams going to overtime games 3/4 games and playing a technical one goal game (two empty net goals) overall. The Jets ended up on the better side in each of those scenarios. We saw Connor Hellebuyck play excellent hockey the entire series which is great news for the Jets going forward. Now for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens to beat each other up for a few games.

Ten Thoughts

  1. The Winnipeg Jets are in a position to sweep a team in the playoffs. The franchise has only ever been swept and never done the sweeping. This could be historic, folks. Gentle reminder that it took Jets until their third crack at the playoffs to win their first game.
  2. I just want to say that as a hockey fan watching Connor McDavid is delightful and I hope he is able to tear up the NHL for years to come. Preferably never against the Jets.
  3. The Jets third line is really strong. It is a shame that Mason Appleton will probably be claimed by the Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft this year which is far too bad for the Jets.
  4. Idle thoughts from my head: Tyler Ennis coming down the wing with the puck would have given teams nightmares in the CHL or perhaps the Men’s World Junior Championships, but not anymore.
  5. Not a lot to say about the Jets in the second except have their tried not taking penalties? Like, thought about the idea of not taking penalties? No? I would recommend they try this plan at some point. Do not keep on taking penalties against Connor McDavid. Exhaust him 5 on 5 instead. This whole penalty kill thing is tempting fate.
  6. Puts on Don Cherry suit: you see that Kailer Yamamoto kids? He’s a good player. Had the stick slashed out of his hands and just picked it back up and went on to win the puck battle. He didn’t look around for a call or anything. He just kept player. Takes off Don Cherry suit.
  7. The Jets had a really solid third period and even scored a nice goal from Mark Scheifele. They absolutely deserved the tie and then you could see both teams slowly accept overtime.
  8. WTF is Dave Tippett doing with his bench. Ethan Bear and Slater Koekkoek are not worse than Kris Russell. While, someone should send him a fruit basket to say thank you.
  9. The Jets looked really strong in the first overtime. They had a nice powerplay that should have turned into a second powerplay, but the referee just looked over at the husk of Darnell Nurse and allowed him to continue to his slow death.
  10. Normally I wait to write my last thoughts until the end of the game. But I am calling it quits around the start of the second overtime at 12:15 AM CST. Because of TV schedules they decided that they needed to have the Jets/Oilers start at 8:45 PM CST instead of the much more reasonable 7:00 PM CST. Now, the NHL could have been galaxy brained and realized all of Canada was off on Monday and had the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Montreal Canadiens in the afternoon to save us all, but no. Instead, we had to suffer.