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No Thoughts, Only Rants

Toronto Maple Leafs v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets played the Toronto Maple Leafs in a meaningless game that ended the day before the playoffs begin in the divisions that are based in the United States of America. Why did they even play the game? Because the NHL decided that all teams had to play 56 games this year even when the standings would not be affected by teams not playing all 56 games. Even when points percentage exists and they could have used that to rank the bottom teams. The fact that regular season games are still going on in the North Division while all the other divisions are starting their playoff games today.

The NHL decided that the best plan of action this year was to focus on games played even when the number of games would not affect the outcomes of the season. So what we had last night was a meaningless game where there was potential for injury so the NHL could get their precious 56 game season in. Of course, the NHL had so many delays in the North Division because the Vancouver Canucks had a COVID-19 outbreak and needed some time to recover. That was fair game on their part, but the NHL should not have made the worst team in the division finish out their season because it means nothing. Sorry Canucks, but it is true.

The NHL was determined to have every single team play 56 games this season even if it made no sense at all. They were more concerned with the mighty dollar than they were with sense, logic, and personal health. Players could get hurt in these games and those injuries can have long-term repercussions. It’s just dumb and they should stop.

Seen and Heard

On a different note, I was listening to my mom watch the game last night and she made two excellent observations. For anyone who does not think score effects is not real, my mom explained them to my dad without meaning to. She was trying to figure out why teams almost always look more dangerous when they are trailing then when they are leading.

She also had the perfect description of Auston Matthews. After saying she didn’t like him, she compared him to Tom Brady in that he is a great athlete, but there is something about him. Thanks mom, I will now only think of Matthews this way.