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Winnipeg Re-Signs Adam Lowry for $3.25M x 5 Years

The Jets have locked up their veteran C to a long-term deal.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets have Adam Lowry under long-term contract control. By extending him at $3.25M per season for 5 years, the Jets have pre-empted any sort of negotiations near Seattle’s expansion draft. I’m not entirely in love with the idea of doing this now, rather than waiting to see what happens with the Seattle situation. It may signal Copp’s exit from the team, as his contract extension will start with a 4. Worst case scenario, the Jets could move the deal after a few seasons if Adam bottoms out. Let’s hope he can continue to fulfill his contract value and anchor the bottom-6 until that time comes.