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Game Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

.....well, that happened.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets haven’t faced many top-tier teams this season. That’s made it a bit challenging to figure out where this team stands in comparison to quality clubs. We all know the Jets probably aren’t elite contenders. That said, they’ve had some bright spots against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Winnipeg had a chance to repeat that feat on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Winnipeg basically slept-walk through the game and was punished dearly for it. Captain Blake Wheeler left the game with an injury as well. Not great, Bob. Please enjoy the GIF gallery reactions in lieu of making you revisit this painful night.

The First Period

The Second Period

The Third Period

Three Takeaways

Winnipeg was bad.

Yep. They uh, they just didn’t show up, y’all.

Winnipeg’s line juggling produced some curious arrangements.

In trying to balance the absence of Wheeler, Maurice put together some funky lines. Perreault seemed to get a number of shifts with Dubois, which I’m personally a fan of.

I hope they don’t play like this in their next game.

Pls gord I can’t sit through another 3 periods of this.