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Recap: Calgary Flames Extinguish the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets had one of those games against the Calgary Flames. One of the games where everything is just a little off and nothing seems to work quite right? That felt like the Jets last night. They had a horrible first period and just when it looked like they would survive their own struggles they went and allowed two goals in three minutes entering the break down two instead of tied at zero. Like I said, one of those games.

Their breakdowns continued and Laurent Brossoit let in a hilariously bad goal. Like, there was no reason for Brossoit to even try to touch the puck in that instance, yet he did and the Flames scored and you couldn’t help but laugh. It was such a bad goal to allow at any time, but at that moment it was a real backbreaker. It truly was one of those games.

The broadcast made an interesting point about the Jets and they made it sound like a good thing: the Jets have played the same lineup for the past nine games. Now, that sounds like it is a good thing, but bodies get tired and minds fatigued. Even if it is not a constant switch up in the lineup, making changes on a back to back game makes sense. I am not talking about sitting out key players, but sometimes the fourth line and third pair could use a shake up.

Of the Jets two goals, Logan Stanley has one. Stanley has been better than expected for the Jets. He still has limitations, but he is aware of them and tends to play within himself. He has been taking some shots though and last night he finally scored and it was really lovely to see how happy he was. Little victories everywhere.

Finally, Sportsnet is using local play by play and colour commentators this year and it was really noticeable last night. I should not hear the obvious bias when a goal is scored in a national broadcast. It should not sound like a regional broadcast from the play by play (Cassie Campbell-Pascall was trying her best to not be too biased, but if I say more on that I will anger people) especially when a goal is scored. Sportsnet needs to either remind their regional crews when they are doing a national broadcast or they need to get someone else to do them because it was embarrassing to listen to. I get COVID makes travel harder, so I respect their choice to use their regional crews more because of safety, but there has to be an attempt to appear impartial.