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Recap: Four for you, Andrew!

Winnipeg Jets v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

When you think of players who would score four goals in a game on the Jets, you might think of Nikolaj Ehlers or Mark Scheifele. You most likely would not think of Andrew Copp, utility man extrodinaire. It was a beautiful thing to see at midnight while also being surprising enough to keep you engaged.

Outside of Copp scoring for goals, Mark Schiefele added one (I thought it was Blake Wheeler, but the broadcast said Schiefele) and the Jets played a good, but boring game as did the Vancouver Canucks. The difference was the Canucks had no luck on their side while the Jets had a bunch. Good to be lucky, lucky to be good type of thing. Because of that Connor Hellebuyck almost managed to get back to back shut outs for the first time in his career until a last minute goal from Nils Hoglander wiped out his bid. I personally blame Kevin Sawyer who was talking like he had already gotten the shut out.

The game was so mundane that the only other interesting thing to happen in it was that there were three too many men penalties taken in the game and they were all legit ones. Seriously. That was the only other interesting thing to happen in the game. Really boring game that had too much talk of how many penalty minutes Kevin Sawyer had in Providence. I wish I was making this up. It has been hard to stay awake and hard to write interesting recaps. Tomorrow the Jets play the Calgary Flames and it is the start of Spring Break in Manitoba, so we can all sleep in (because it is Saturday the next day).