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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers

Same time, same place

Montreal Canadiens v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Time: 8:00 PM CST

Channel: TSN3

Radio: CJOB

The Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets will be tangling once again and it kind of feels inevitable at this point. They’ve been locked in multiple battles until recently and it will feel odd to move on from them after this game.

If it wasn’t for the Habs incompetence during overtime we would probably be having a different discussion here. However, they are incompetent so we are talking about a Jets win in overtime and not how bad Josh Morrissey looked, how Kyle Connor’s defence looks bad, and how Blake Wheeler scored his first goal at even strength in what feels like forever. Anyways.

After all my turnover jokes yesterday, the Jets did clean up that part of their game which they needed to do to even get to overtime. They clearly had an off game on Monday and were able to improve upon that on Wednesday. They need to do so again tonight and could be aided by playing Ville Heinola. Heinola is on the taxi squad right now and available to play if they Jets want. He’d help with creating offence and defending in general. It wouldn’t matter who comes out at this point.

The Oilers are coming off of a drubbing of the Calgary Flames so there is the chance that they used up all their goals for the week against the Flames. Silly Oilers, you can spread out the goals a bit. For real, they are a very potent team that is backed by questionable goaltending so tonight could be a fun night with two tired teams playing each other on the second half of a back to back.

Apologies for all the Montreal mentions. I clearly forgot who the Jets are playing tonight.