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Game 3/4 Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Calgary Flames

I am bored already.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 7:00 PM CST

Channel: TSN3

Radio: CJOB680/Power 97

The Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames are playing again tonight and all the talk is on Blake Wheeler. You see, Blake Wheeler looked bad on a goal last game and Paul Maurice was asked about it after the game and he got defensive. He got defensive again yesterday and it is a whole thing now. The drama is only starting people.

Outside of the whole Wheeler issue, the Jets do have the very legitimate issue about not playing a full game. It is always a box of chocolates over how many minutes of a game they will play and that should put coaching into question. How can they ever be a contender when no one knows if they will even show up for the first period?

As for the Flames, it is more of the same. They have a solid team and they appear to be putting things together to make a push for a playoff spot. However, they are not there yet and they are working towards it with a player who wants to be traded (Sam Bennet) amongst other things. Both teams are what they are and will remain that way all season; flaws and all.