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Preview and GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs. Washington Capitals

Buffalo Sabres v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Time: 7:00 PM CST

Channel: TSN3

Radio: CJOB

After a truly interesting day, the Winnipeg Jets will take after the Washington Capitals tonight. After having their head coach resign in the morning on his own terms instead of being fired at some point. It allows for people to be happy because Maurice left on his own terms. In the interim, Dave Lowry will be the Jets head coach until someone new is hired permanently.

Now for the game tonight. The Capitals have been super injured and have been struggling to win games of late. They did get Nicklas Backstrom back recently, but they are still up against it with various injuries. They also have the Alex Ovechkin show to watch which is kind of fun. He is going for a career high in goals at 36 years old. The man is insane.

As for the NHL itself, things are A Mess with COVID and it is really starting to wreck with teams. Before we get into the effectiveness of vaccines, note that it sounds like most of the cases are more mild that previous outbreaks which tells us that vaccines are working because while they are not able to prevent the Omicron variant completely, they are able to help keep the symptoms to a lesser impact on the people getting sick.

On a final note, I started a new job today and about an hour into it Paul Maurice resigned. You cannot tell me a day can be weirder if it tried.