Milwaukee Admirals @ Manitoba Moose Recap - Nov 19th

Milwaukee Admirals @ Manitoba Moose Recap - Nov 19th

The Manitoba Moose (8-5-1) are back in action tonight when they take on the Milwaukee Admirals (3-8-1) for the second time in two nights. Both teams are in the Central Division, with the 3rd place Moose bringing a .607 winning percentage into this matchup, while the 7th place Admirals are currently sitting at .292.

Manitoba exploded in the 2nd period last night, putting up 4 goals on the way to a 6-2 win. The 1st line of Perfetti/Gustafsson/Reichel had a strong outing, producing 3 pts, 2 goals, and an assist respectively.

Coach Morrison will be staying with the same skaters for tonight's game and Arvid Holm (2-1-1) will get the start in goal.

The top Winnipeg Jets prospects on the Manitoba Moose are currently leading the way, with Gustafsson putting up 12 pts in 14 games, Heinola amassing 10 pts in 12, and Perfetti netting 9 pts in 11 games. Perfetti has scored 6 of his 9 pts during the 5 home games that the Moose have played this year.

The Milwaukee Admirals have lost 5 straight games. Goalie Connor Ingram will look to have a bounce back game after giving up 4 goals in 2 periods last night before giving way to his backup Devin Cooley.

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1st Period Recap:

  • Manitoba opened up the game with strong shifts by the 2nd, 1st, then 3rd lines. They were able to maintain control of the puck for the majority of the time, but really didn't produce any dangerous chances. Nice move by Samberg to lose a forechecker in the the defensive zone.
  • Best early chance for the Moose occurred when Reichel skated the puck behind the net and found a pinching Heinola for a 1 timer. Unfortunately it was dead center and Ingram easily handled it.
  • Shortly after Milwaukee rang a post on a long point shot, both teams were called for penalties (Gawanke & Grimaldi), sending them to 4 on 4 for 2 minutes. Samberg forced Ingram to make a blocker save on a point shot and Meireles dangled into the low slot for another opportunity. Milwaukee controlled the puck for the last 30 seconds of the 4 on 4, but couldn't manage to test Holm.
  • With 6.5 minutes gone in the 1st, Manitoba had the only 4 shots of the game.
  • The Admirals 1st line spent a shift in the offense zone, making Holm stop 2 shots, one a dangerous shot from the point through traffic.
  • As we reached the midway point of the period, Holm came out and cut down the angle on a shot from the blueline. Shots were now 5 to 4 in Milwaukee's favour.
  • Poganski sent a wrister at the net that resulted in a big rebound that just hopped over Perfetti's stick. 3rd line followed up with a good shift resulting in a chance for Heinola. It ended when Maier was caught for a hook on the forecheck, sending the Admirals to the 1st PP of the game.
  • Manitoba's PK is currently tied for the best in the AHL and they started off the period with a face-off win. Grimaldi was left all alone in front of the net and the Admirals won a battle along the boards to get him the puck. Holm came out to cut the angle down and the shot sailed over the net. Heinola blocked a shot just as the Maier came out of the box. Milwaukee put on a lot of pressure on the PP, good defense by Manitoba to limit their access to the dangerous areas.
  • Gawanke stepped up in the neutral zone to break up a play, as the Admirals continued to tilt the ice in their favour.
  • The 3rd line ended the domination and were able to gain the Milwaukee end. Maier got the puck along the boards in the right hand corner before skating behind the net and into the left corner. He slipped a pass by a defender to find Chisholm, who was primed for a 1 timer from the face-off circle. His shot squeaked through Ingram and trickled over the goalline to give the Moose a 1-0 lead with 5 minutes left in the period.
  • Moose Goal: Chisholm (1) from Maier (4)
  • 2nd line kept the pressure on the following shift, cycling the puck before Oligny found some space at the blueline. He skated along the boards before cutting in and then driving across the front of the net, but Ingram was there with a pad to stop him from tucking it in. After a face-off win in the O-zone, Suess was pulled down behind the net, sending Manitoba to the PP with 2:41 remaining.
  • The 1st PP unit controlled the puck and passed it around the end, before drawing another penalty (high-sticking). However, before the Admirals could touch the puck, the Moose passed the puck around, working it's way to Poganski. He wristed a shot up and over Ingram's glove to give them a 2-0 lead (benefited by a good screen by Reichel).
  • Moose Goal: Poganski (3) from Heinola (10) and Perfetti (6) - PowerPlay
  • Manitoba really struggled on the 2nd PP, having a hard time gaining the Milwaukee end. The man advantage ended when they gave up a breakaway that Perfetti broke up with a slash.
  • Samberg rang a post in the brief period that the teams were at 4 on 4 with not much happening before the period ended just as the Admiral PP started. They will have 1:20 left to start the 2nd period.
  • After a period where both teams controlled the play for chunks of time, the Moose find themselves with a 2-0 lead and a 11-8 shot advantage.
  • Manitoba Shot Leaders: Heinola (3), Poganski (2)

2nd Period Recap:

  • After winning the opening draw (Maier), the Moose were able to kill off the first 40 seconds before the Admirals gained the offensive zone. After they passed the puck around the outside, Grimaldi drove to the net forcing Holm to kick out a big rebound. It came to a defenseman at the point and he unloaded on the puck. Holm stood tall to take the puck off the chest before he fell onto the puck. It was dug out from under his pad and pounded into the net, but the refs whistle went earlier. Manitoba able to kill the remaining PP time without giving up a further chance.
  • Perfetti set up Samberg for a shot from the point, but with no traffic in front, Ingram was able to glove it. Later Samberg skated the puck into the Admiral end, quickly feeding a pass to Perfetti through a defender's legs. Perfetti set up Poganski but the puck bounced away from him before he could get a shot.
  • Nice deflection from Malott on a Suess shot made Ingram earn his paycheque.
  • Perfetti danced through some defenders, undressing d-man Donovan, but his backhand hit the side of the net.
  • 4th line was tenacious on the forecheck and created a chance from in tight for Burgess, as Manitoba had started to take control of the flow.
  • Poganski dropped the puck to Perfetti, who quickly unloaded a wrist shot that was headed for the far top corner. Ingram was just able to get a shoulder on the puck to deflect it out of play.
  • A scrum during a whistle lead to a large gathering that the Moose ended up coming out with a penalty (Maier - roughing).
  • Once again the Admiral PP controlled the puck in the Moose end. The most dangerous chance in the early part was a 1 timer from the low face-off circle that made Holm slide across to make a pad save. Just as the penalty ended, they had another 1 timer that just missed the far corner.
  • With 9 minutes left in the 2nd, the Moose were leading the shot count 20 to 13.
  • Poganski set up Heinola for a 1 timer from the point that Ingram just caught a piece of to send out of play. Suess won the face-off cleanly, sending the puck back to Gawanke at the point. He slid a pass along the blueline to Chisholm, who unleashed a 1-timer that beat Ingram high on the blocker side. Manitoba took a 3 goal lead with 8 minutes remaining in the period.
  • Moose Goal: Chisholm (2) from Gawanke (6) and Suess (4)
  • 4th line spent a shift grinding the puck along the boards in the Admirals end resulting in a point shot from Gawanke (blocked).
  • Admirals had a counter-attack that ended when Holm snagged a puck off a slap shot from the high slot.
  • Malott missed a pass attempt as he entered the Admiral zone, resulting in a 2 on 1 the other way. Malott backchecked and it turned onto a 3 on 2. Samberg stood up the puck carrier forcing him to shoot and the wrister beat Holm on the glove-side to break his shut out bid.
  • Admiral Goal: Glass (1) from Schneider (6)
  • Another turnover, this time in the defensive end, resulted in a quick passing play that ended with an Admiral in the low slot firing a puck by Holm's glove. Quickly, the Admirals made the game 3-2 with a pair of goals in 1:08.
  • Admiral Goal: Knott (1) from Donovan (3)
  • After a couple minutes where both squads had trouble gaining the offensive zone, poor decision making by the 1st line forwards on a backcheck resulted in Holm being called on to make a pair of big saves. Period ended with Manitoba leading both the scoreboard (3-2) and shot count (24-19).
  • Manitoba Shot Leaders: Heinola (5), Chisholm (3)

3rd Period Recap:

  • Both goaltenders made saves on long distance shots in the first few minutes, as the teams trade low quality chances.
  • Milwaukee's 1st line pinned the Moose in their end for a shift, but the defenders did a good job keeping them from the high danger areas.
  • Game had slowed down quite a bit at this point of the game, with the neutral zone clogged up and gaining the offensive zone with possession difficult for either squad.
  • 4th line put on some pressure and a Samberg wrist shot from the point was deflected by Polei just inches wide of the net.
  • With 8 minutes gone in the 3rd, Samberg got called for a questionable interference penalty when he bodychecked an Admiral (with puck in his skates).
  • The Admirals quickly gained control of the puck with a face-off win. A scramble in front of Holm lead to the puck bouncing out to Afanasyev in the low slot, his wrister just slid under Holm's pad to tie the game at 3.
  • Admiral Goal: Afanasyev (3) from Farrance (6) and Donovan (4) - PowerPlay
  • Middle of the period saw the shots 29-24 for the Moose and the game all tied up after 3 straight goals for the Admirals.
  • Perfetti set up Heinola for a chance as he was pinching in from the point, but the puck bounced over his stick. Heinola regained possession and sent a pass to Perfetti in the high slot, but he was denied by Ingram. A turnover as the Admirals were exiting the zone led to another Perfetti shot from the slot.
  • Manitoba was starting to press with a couple good shifts by the 3rd & 4th lines.
  • With just over 6 minutes left in the 3rd, Malott collided with Ingram outside of the blue paint and the ref called the Moose forward for an interference penalty.
  • The Moose did well to kill the opening minute before the Admirals started to pressure. Holm called on to make a couple saves, including a reaction save on a deflection, before the penalty ended.
  • 4th line immediately relieved the pressure and cycled in the offense zone before Jones had a chance from in tight.
  • As we reached the 2 minute mark, Perfetti led a rush by the 1st line that ended with a snapshot from Gustafsson from the face-off circle.
  • A rush by the 2nd line led to a hard shot from Reichel that created a rebound in front of Ingram. Suess battled the defender and got a stick on the puck but Ingram was there to save it again. They continued to push, drawing a penalty and getting the extra attacker on the ice. Eventually the puck worked its way back to the point, with one d-man passing to the other. Chisholm faked a shot and fed a pass to Reichel, who was standing to the left of the net, near the bottom of the face-off circle. After hesitating like he was going to pass to the slot, he wristed a shot between Ingram's shoulder and the goal post to give the Moose a 4-3 win with just 58 seconds left.
  • Moose Goal: Reichel (2) from Chisholm (7) and Gawanke (7)
  • Milwaukee took a time out and attempted to get the equalizer but the Moose were able to kill off the clock by keeping the puck pinned along the boards.
  • Manitoba Shot Leaders: Heinola (6), Perfetti (4), Chisholm/Poganski/Jones (3)
  • Final Score: Manitoba 4 Milwaukee 3
  • Shots: Manitoba 36 Milwaukee 26

Final Thoughts:

  • Moose once again clear the 30 shot mark, an impressive 15 game streak.
  • Manitoba scored 2 goals with the extra attacker tonight (delayed penalty, goalie pulled).
  • Chisholm had a great game, getting his first 2 goals of the year. He has 5 pts in the last 2 games (2 goals, 3 assists).
  • Perfetti was amazing tonight, dangerous when he had the puck, strong on the forecheck, and great vision.
  • Liked what I saw from Heinola, Samberg, Reichel, Suess, & Holm in this one.
  • The AHL site doesn't show icetime for players, but it certainly seems that Coach Morrison is able to roll all 4 lines and get good pressure from the bottom 6.
  • Manitoba PK finally let in a goal (1 for 5) after a dominant stretch the past 5 games. Since Syracuse went 0 for 4 in their game tonight, the Moose will fall out of their tie for the best PK in the AHL.
  • 3 Stars of the Game:
    • 1st: Declan Chisholm - Manitoba (2 goals, 1 assist)
    • 2nd: Kristian Reichel - Manitoba (1 goal)
    • 3rd: Cody Glass - Milwaukee (1 goal)
  • 2nd straight game where Reichel was awarded with one of the 3 stars.
  • Up Next: Milwaukee Admirals @ Manitoba Moose on Nov 21st @ 2 PM CST.

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