Manitoba Moose @ Milwaukee Admirals Recap - Nov 10th

Manitoba Moose @ Milwaukee Admirals Recap - Nov 10th

Tonight the Manitoba Moose (5-4-1) will be facing off against the Milwaukee Admirals (3-5) for the second time this season. The Moose outplayed the Admirals this past Friday, but ended up with a 2-1 OT loss (mainly due to an atrocius 0-7 powerplay). Manitoba is sitting in 3rd place in the AHL Central Division coming into this game, while Milwaukee is tied with Rockford for the 6th/7th places.

With Kristian Vesalainen being called up to the Winnipeg Jets, speedy Mikey Eyssimont will take his spot on the 2nd line. He will be joined by Jeff Malott, who was promoted from the 4th line & switched places with Kristian Reichel. Back from a brief stint with the Jets, Mikhail Berdin will get his 7th start of the season (3-3).

Manitoba is currently being led in scoring by some of the Jet's high draft picks: 2nd rounder David Gustafsson (7 pts in 10 games), 1st rounder Ville Heinola (7 in 8), & 1st rounder Cole Perfetti (6 in 7). Heinola, in particular, has been very hot since coming back from his injury, putting up 4 assists in the last 3 games. Through 10 games, only 5 Moose players have managed to score more than 1 goal (Eyssimont - 4, Perfetti - 3, Kovacevic - 3, Maier - 3, & Gustafsson - 2).

The Milwaukee Admirals have been playing much better in November, amassing a 2-1 record early in the month after a slow start in October. They lost their last game to the Chicago Wolves and will be looking to get back to winning ways in front of their home crowd. Forwards Cole Schneider & Cody Glass lead the team in scoring with 9 pts & 7 pts respectively.

Noteworthy players for the Nashville farm team include: Winnipeg-born Cody Glass (C) - 1st round/6th overall/2016, Egor Afanasyev (LW) - 2nd/45th/2019, Grant Mismash (D) - 2nd/61st/2017, Connor Ingram (G) - 3rd/88th/2016, and David Farrance (D) - 3rd/92nd/2017.

Moose Projected Line Up












1st Period Recap:

  • For the opening minute and a half, both teams were feeling eachother out and neither could create a shot on net.
  • Poganski ended up drawing a penalty as he tried to split the Admiral d-men, sending Manitoba to the PP early in the game.
  • The 1st PP unit won the face-off and controlled the puck. After a speedy tic-tac-toe, Gustafsson's 1 timer was kicked out by Milwaukee's goalie Connor Ingram. The Moose were able to retain possession and worked the puck around the zone. Poganski took a shot from the right side boards with traffic in front. Reichel missed a deflection chance before the puck richocetted off Gustafsson's skate to beat the tender. Manitoba gets an early PP goal to give them a 1 - 0 lead just 1:36 into the game.
  • Moose Goal: Gustafsson (3) from Poganski (4) and Heinola (7) - PowerPlay
  • Milwaukee's McLain attempted to get his team inspired by throwing his body around. After a collision with Gawanke, McLain tried to get the German d-man to drop the gloves. While Gawanke wasn't willing to oblige, Oligny had no problems inviting himself to the party. A brief tilt followed, where Oligny had the better of it and ended when he threw McLain to the ice.
  • Manitoba continued to push aggressively on offense, forcing Ingram to make a couple quick saves off a Lundmark point shot. With 5.5 minutes gone, the Moose have all 7 shots in the game so far.
  • Reichel found Caron streaking through the slot, but his deflection was blockered aside by the goalie.
  • 1st line spent an entire shift in the Admiral's end, trying to add to their lead without success.Milwaukee had a couple push back shifts as we neared the midway part of the period, but still weren't able to force Berdin to make a save.
  • 9 minutes into the period, the Admirals finally got a puck on Berdin for the first time of the game, but he turned aside a weak backhander easily.
  • Shots were 10-2 for the Moose as we passed the mid-point of the 1st period.
  • Chisholm was beaten 1 on 1 by the Admirals' Luff, but was able to recover to get a stick in to break up the scoring chance.
  • A deflection on a Kovacevic point shot caused a dangerous rebound but the Admirals were able to clear the zone after a brief scrum.
  • With just under 5 minutes left, Oligny took a pair of minor penalties to test the Moose with a long PK.
  • Manitoba did well in the opening minute and didn't allow Milwaukee to gain the offensive zone. The 2nd minute didn't go much better, as they just couldn't break the 4 Manitoba players lined up at the blueline. It wasn't until there was 40 seconds left in Oligny's penalties before they were able to gain the zone with possession. Even then, they couldn't manage to get a shot on net before the PP was over.
  • The 2nd line pressed in the final minute and Eyssimont forced Ingram to make a glove save on a wrist shot from the left face-off dot.
  • The period ended with Manitoba in front 1-0, while dominating the shot count (11-3).
  • Manitoba Shot Leaders: Gawanke & Suess (3), Polei & Gustafsson (2)


2nd Period Recap:

  • Milwaukee quickly tried to even the score when one of their players batted a puck out of mid-air from the slot to force Berdin to react quickly to make the save.
  • Gawanke lasered a long stretch pass to give Gustafsson a chance on a rush. Gawanke followed up with a slap shot from the point that was gloved by the tender.
  • Good shift by the 2nd line, putting pressure on with an tenacious forecheck.
  • The Admirals had a glorious chance when a Moose exit pass was intercepted at the blueline. 2 quick passes later and Berdin had to stand tall to make a save on a 1 timer from the low slot.
  • Milwaukee continued to push the following shift and Reichel ended up taking a hooking penalty. The 7th best PP of the AHL got a chance to even the game up.
  • The Moose couldn't win the face-off and the Admirals gained control of the puck at the blueline. With 2 players screening him, Berdin couldn't see the puck that found a way through both the traffic in front and his goalie pads. Milwaukee tied the game up at 1 with a quick PP goal.
  • Admirals Goal: Schneider (6) from Del Gaizo (1) and Luff (4) - PowerPlay
  • The 2nd & 4th lines helped Manitoba regain control of the flow of the game with strong cycling/forechecking.
  • Gustafsson sped along the right boards, blowing by a d-man before he dropped a short pass to Perfetti. He quickly threw the puck to Malott in front of the net, but he couldn't chop it by Ingram. The 1st line continued to push for the rest of the shift to no avail. Another good chance neutralized when Chisholm's slapshot was blocked by a d-man.
  • Berdin made a huge save after a Moose turnover. A 2 on 1 chance for Milwaukee gave them a 1 timer from in close, but Berdin exploded across the net, almost doing the splits to get a pad on the puck.
  • Gustafsson floated a pass over an Admiral d-man's stick but the puck bounced over Poganski's stick ruining his 1 timer attempt.
  • Midway point of the period saw the Moose leading in shots (19-8), but they were being stymied by Connor Ingram. The Admirals goalie came into the game with a .960 save percentage, so it probably should have been expected.
  • Some sloppy play by the 1st line in their own end led to a Milwaukee chance. A puck was thrown to the net from the high slot with plenty of players in front of Berdin. Once again, I doubt Berdin saw the puck at all before it slipped through his legs to give the Admirals their first lead of the game with 9:34 left in the 2nd.
  • Admirals Goal: Smith (3) from Del Gaizo (2)
  • After a tired Manitoba group got caught on the ice for a long shift, they were finally able to ice the puck. The Admirals won the draw and quickly took a shot on net. Berdin was able to kick it out, but a rebound bounced out front. Chisholm was forced to battle 2 opponents for the puck and Milwaukee was able to whack the puck by Berdin. Milwaukee exploded to take a 3-1 lead with 8:10 remaining.
  • Admirals Goal: Afanasyev (2) from Glass (8) and Farrance (3)
  • 2nd line tried to get the Moose back into the game. Eyssimont buzzed around the zone and set up Suess for a 1 timer from within 6 feet. Once again Ingram was there to stop the puck. They continued to press and a Chisholm point shot was deflected causing a scramble for the rebound. The goalie sprawled knocking the net off its moorings for the 4th time of the game to end the chance. Yet somehow none were called as a penalty.
  • Manitoba's pressure did result in Milwaukee taking another penalty. Perfetti set up Gustafsson for a hard 1 timer on the PP, but Ingram was able to come across quickly & just get a toe on the blast. The 1st PP struggled to create another chance & gave way to the 2nd unit. Meireles fed a pass to Malott standing a few feet to the side of the net. He used his body to protect the puck as he cut in front of the net and tried to jam the puck in. Ingram got a pad on the attempt but Malott immediately had another chance and this time was able to slip it by the goalie. Manitoba pulled within a goal.
  • Moose Goal: Malott (2) from Meireles (4) and Gawanke (3) - PowerPlay
  • The teams traded a couple chances over the next 2 shifts, with Manitoba pushing the play and Milwaukee counter-attacking when they could force a turnover.
  • In the last minute of play, Gustafsson carried the puck behind the net and fed a pass in front. Poganski was there but only got a piece of the puck and it bounced off Ingram's pad.
  • The period ended with Manitoba trailing by 1, but almost tripling the Admirals in shots (34-12). The Moose have hit the 30 shot mark in every game they have played this year. An ugly minute & a half cost Manitoba 2 goals against and they will have to score at least 2 more goals on a very good goalie to win this one.
  • Manitoba Shot Leaders: Gawanke (6), Gustafsson & Suess (5), Heinola & Jones (3)


3rd Period Recap:

  • 1st line started the 3rd frame like the Moose ended the 2nd, totally controlling play. After moving the puck around the zone, they had a couple shots on net.
  • The Admirals took a penalty on a forecheck, sending a Moose PP that has already scored twice back on the ice.
  • The 2nd unit started off and were able to get a chance for Eyssimont that was stopped and covered. The 1st unit came on then and Heinola ended up being pulled down. Manitoba got a 1:20 with a 5 on 3 advantage. Good puck movement led to a couple 1 timers. Gawanke attempted to throw a pass to a Moose standing beside the net, the puck appeared to deflect off a Admiral defender and into the net. The Moose go 3 for 3 on the PP to tie this game up at 3 with just over 17 minutes left.
  • Moose Goal: Gawanke (2) from Heinola (8) - PowerPlay
  • Manitoba was still on the PP and continued to control the puck in the Milwaukee zone. Perfetti hit a post (the 3rd in 3 games for him) when he walked into the slot and let a wrist shot go. They couldn't find the go ahead goal before the penalty expired.
  • A grind shift by the 3rd line resulted in Maier drawing a penalty. They continued to press for a bit with the goalie pulled, but eventually Milwaukee was able to touch the puck.
  • The 1st PP unit started off and Gustafsson won the draw to give the Moose possession. Heinola had a shot blocked, but he got his own rebound and skated it into the slot. His wrist shot ended up missing the top corner by centimeters. A retaliation penalty by Reichel ended the PP, as the Moose drop to 3 for 5 on the PP.
  • The result was just over a minute & a half of 4 on 4 play. Neither team was able to get any good scoring chances before Milwaukee went to a brief PP. Berdin had to make a pad save on a quick deflection in front of his net. Reichel returned to the ice and quickly had a chance the other way, but his shot was off-target and sailed by the post.
  • With 11 minutes to play, Manitoba had a 46-13 edge in shots but the game was all tied up at 3.
  • Good play by Malott, Eyssimont, & Chisholm led to a prolonged shift in the Admiral zone. The 3rd line continued to put on the pressure, pinning Milwaukee in their end for over a minute.
  • Polei was set up 3 feet in front of the Milwaukee goal by Maier, but his shot couldn't get past Ingram's blocker. With 8 minutes left in the 3rd, Manitoba hit the 50 shot mark, almost 4 times more than Milwaukee has. At this point, Gawanke has 9 shots while the entire Admiral team has 13.
  • Another great shift by the 1st line, with some great passing between Perfetti, Gustafsson, & Poganski.
  • Berdin had to make his 2nd save of the period after a Chisholm breakout pass hit a skate and led to a 3 on 2 the other way. Lundmark played it well and forced the puck carrier to take the shot, which Berdin was able to kick out.
  • The Moose charged back the other way and Polei was robbed when he redirected a Jones' pass.
  • 2nd line moved the puck around the Milwaukee zone leading to a couple shots from the point from Gawanke. The last one was just deflected over the net.
  • A bouncing puck caused Gawanke problems in the neutral zone and led to a bit of pressure from the Admirals. A 1 timer from the slot was deflected by Kovacevic out of play. Milwaukee continued to push for the rest of the shift but couldn't get a shot through to Berdin.
  • With 3 minutes left, a backcheck from Perfetti broke up a 3 on 2 for Milwaukee when he was able to intercept a pass from Winnipeg-born Glass.
  • An Admiral forward was just able to poke the puck away at the last second to ruin a Jones' 1 timer. The puck went into the neutral zone and Chisholm was just able to do enough to prevent a breakaway.
  • The Moose were starting to give up more chances as they were pushing for the game winner. In the end, neither team could find a way to beat the opposing tender for a 4th time before the period ended.
  • At the end of the 3rd period, Manitoba had an unheard of 56-15 lead in shots, after outshooting Milwaukee 22 to 3 in the final frame.
  • Manitoba Shot Leaders: Gawanke (10), Gustafsson (6), Suess/Heinola/Polei (5)

Overtime Recap:

  • Manitoba able to win the opening face-off and controlled the puck for the first minute. Meireles had a glorious chance, but an Admiral d-man was able to hook him and break up the play. With Berdin pulled, the Moose continued to push for over a minute without Milwaukee getting control of the puck. After a few chances, the penalty was finally called when an Admiral won a race to a rebound.
  • With 2:37 left in OT, Manitoba will have a man advantage for most of that time. After taking a time out, the 1st PP unit came out for the 4 on 3 advantage. Gustafsson, Perfetti, Poganski, & Heinola gained possession off the face-off and that quickly led to yet another post for Perfetti. He let a crazy wrist shot go that beat Ingram over his glove, but the iron was there to keep the puck out.
  • Eyssimont used his speed to carry the puck into the Admiral end. He curled up in the corner and sent a pass to Gawanke at the point. He stepped in a bit before letting his 11th shot on net go. A nice wrister beat Ingram on the glove side and bulged the top corner of the net to give the Moose the win.
  • Moose Goal: Gawanke (3) from Eyssimont (1) - PowerPlay
  • Final Score: MANITOBA 4 MILWAUKEE 3 (OT)

Final Thoughts:

  • Milwaukee had killed off 27 straight short-handed situations coming into this game. The Manitoba PP went 4 for 6 in this game, getting all of the Moose goals. The SH units went 1 for 4.
  • What a game for the Moose, can't recall the last time I watched a professional team put up 60 shots in 3 periods. Crazy. 11 shots by Gawanke alone, just 5 less than the entire Milwaukee team - his best game of the year by far.
  • Heinola is playing really well. Great puck control, smart passes. Picking up a ton of assists lately.
  • After being held without a shot for a couple of games, it was nice to see Gustafsson send 6 on net in this one.
  • Not sure how Nashville continually drafts/develops good goalies, but it looks like they may have another one in Connor Ingram.
  • It's amazing to watch Suess get chance after chance this year, but he continues to search for his 1st goal of the season. Malott has now had goals in back-to-back games after being unable to find the net in the first 9 games.
  • I thought Chisholm had a strong game, making a lot of smart passes on breakouts. Lundmark had one of those "quiet good" games where you really didn't notice him that much because he wasn't making mistakes.
  • 3 Stars of the Game:
      • 1st: Connor Ingram - Milwaukee (57 saves on 61 shots)
      • 2nd: Ville Heinola - Manitoba (2 assists)
      • 3rd: Leon Gawanke - Manitoba (2 goals, 1 assist)
  • Manitoba improved their record to 6-4-1 and will start getting ready for 2 games against Grand Rapids this weekend to end their roadtrip.
  • Up Next: Manitoba Moose @ Grand Rapids Griffins - Friday, Nov 12th.

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