Winnipeg Jets @ Calgary Flames - Final Pre-Season Game Preview

Winnipeg Jets @ Calgary Flames - Final Pre-Season Game Preview

At 8 pm CST, the puck will drop on what will be the Winnipeg Jets final pre-season game when they face off against the Flames in Calgary.

The Jets will use 11 forwards and seven defenceman in tonight's game. The 11th forward could either be Evgeny Svechnikov or Dominic Toninato.

Lines and D pairs:




Pretty interested in seeing how Harkins does playing with talented players, also will be good to see if Perfetti can make the Lowry-Stastny line dangerous.

Good idea to ease Stanley back into the lineup after his injury, while allowing Heinola one last chance to impress.

Hopefully the game doesn't get too chippy, as the real key to the Jets is to come out of the game with their players healthy.

Enjoy the game everyone.

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