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Season Preview: Winnipeg Jets Forwards

NHL: Preseason-Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets forwards are actually good until you get into the bottom six (and actually bottom five), but even those players can be improved upon with the inclusion of some players who are in the AHL right now who can be called up to help the Jets in that area. But those players need to get some games in after a weird year last year.

Okay, time for some tepid positivity. Even if he does not play in the first game, Cole Perfetti seems to be guaranteed to play in the NHL this season as noted by Paul Maurice using Kyle Connor as an example. For those who forget, Connor became a mainstay after he got called up for I believe Nikolaj Ehlers and just played too well to be sent down. So there is precedence here. As long as he plays.

Speaking of Ehlers, he will be a key piece of the Winnipeg Jets attack this season. I don’t think it is a secret that the man is good at both zone entries and exits. He is a big weapon for the Jets and really does drive the offence. And we mean it when we say that he is the best winger in Canada. He’s that good, yo.

Outside of Ehlers, the Jets constantly look to Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler to produce. Counting on Wheeler to produce still is a tough hope especially at his age and and how his production has declined over the past few seasons. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Jets manage that over the next while. They also rely on Kyle Connor who will hopefully improve a bit defensively this season, is the other key force and he has consistently been good for 30+ goals, so mark that down.

The Jets bottom six is a lot more questionable and I really do not feel like dwelling on them at all right now, but just remember: The top six might be able to carry more than the bottom six (specifically bottom five) and there are players in the top six I didn’t mention like Andrew Copp. But this year should be interesting upfront either way.