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Game Two Recap: Good Saint Nik

And so it goes.

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames - Game Two Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Nikolaj Ehlers entered this afternoon’s game having never scored a playoff goal. He left it having scored a game-winning goal. And so it goes.

This was a game the Winnipeg Jets should have lost. They lost game one to the Calgary Flames in an embarrassing fashion. Not an Edmonton Oilers embarrassing, but embarrassing none the less. They lost three players (Mark Scheifele, Patrik Laine, and Mason Appleton) and they would have been easy to write off. Not today.

I’m not sure if resiliency is a word closely associated with the Jets. They fold easier than a collapsable tent in-games. But game to game they can hold it together and power through injuries and suspensions like no other. And they did the same again today. Without their number one centre, their best shot, and a key depth player they were able to win. On the back of the stellar Connor Hellebuyck the Jets managed to level the Qualification Round series. They did it thanks to two first time playoff goal scorers in Jansen Harkins and the aforementioned Ehlers. They did it by working together and having fun.

Three Thoughts

  1. No one needed to score more than Ehlers. He is a dynamic player and sometimes he tries to do too much and gets frustrated when he isn’t scoring like he just did. Him scoring a goal is a great way to help him relax into his game and focus more on doing what he is great at.
  2. Connor Hellebuyck. Words fail me for you. You are a rainbow-infused space unicorn who will take over the world one day. I welcome our new overlord.
  3. I just really like listening to Chris Cuthbert call games. I know that is not an actual hockey thought, but his voice makes the games seem more beautiful.

The Winnipeg Jets have more work to do. Their power play needs to be better which sounds funny because they scored on it today. They need to organize themselves better in their own zone. These issues have been present for a long time though and they have not been resolved all season. It is what it is. And so it goes.