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Game Two Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Calgary Flames

NHL: Winnipeg Jets-Workouts Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Time: 1:30 PM CST

Channel: NHL Network

Radio: TSN1290

Things can’t get worse, right? Mark Scheifele and Patrik Laine are both slated to miss a pivotal game 2 against the Calgary Flames this afternoon after suffering injuries on Saturday. The positive news is that Scheifele’s injuries may not be as serious as initially thought. Laine’s injuries are still unknown, so we’re going to have to live without the sniper for a while yet.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets-Workouts Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Watch out for:

  1. A rebound game from the Winnipeg Jets. They’ll be bitter after what transpired over the weekend, and looking for a manner of revenge.
  2. An intensely physical performance from the Flames. Calgary bullied the Jets a bit, with some hits that seemed a bit borderline. The Jets will need to weather the storm and own them at 5v5.

Winnipeg will likely see the playoff debut of Jansen Harkins, as well as another forward yet to be named. The Jets line-ups are going to be a mess, and I’d be surprised if Paul Maurice feels comfortable with the arrangements for this afternoon’s game. I saw that Sam Bennett was potentially injured on Saturday as well, but haven’t heard anything suggesting he’ll be absent from today’s game. The Flames squad should be the same that dropped Winnipeg over the weekend.