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Player Review: Adam Lowry

Adam Lowry’s review brings bigger issues into focus.

NHL: Heritage Classic-Calgary Flames at Winnipeg Jets Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Lowry is a likeable player. After an injury plagued season season, he has been one of the Winnipeg Jets more consistent and healthy players over the years. He’s been able to transform himself into a reliable third line centre and it would be amazing if he was able to play there in a shut down role without any interruptions for an entire season.

There is a concerning pattern emerging for the 2019-2020 Jets: everyone has had their stats fall off the cliff. If a couple of players had a major decline it could be seen as a personal decline for them, but the consistency in players going through this is becoming a pattern and that should be a major concern for the Jets. It is probably less of a personnel issue and more of a coaching issue as well. That is a conversation for another day though. And we will have that conversation.

So where does this leave Lowry? He has one season left at $2.9 million and then he is an unrestricted free agent. The Jets should look at retaining him as he is consistently a solid third line centre for them and the Jets are really thin on centres as is. That said, it would not be the end of the world if the Jets lost Lowry as long as they are able to replace him with a similar player. As for now, here’s to one more year.