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Player Review: Mathieu Perreault

Arizona Coyotes v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Mathieu Perreault has been a Winnipeg Jet for six seasons. Statistically, 2019-20 was his worst season as a Jet in part due to injuries limiting him to 49 regular season games.

Perreault has always been a popular player with his teammates, and a versatile player who has been used everywhere from the top to bottom forward lines. He has also been a divisive player with fans and media as he carries a contract that, at least for the last two seasons, does not match his contribution to the team. His play has declined for a variety of reasons – age, injuries, both.

I don’t have his chart with me, but there was a small fall off between his shooting stats last year and this year. It seems like that was an across the board team fall off although for Perreault this season signifies the first time in his NHL career he has not driven possession for his team.

Perreault is entering the final year of his $4.1 million dollar annual contract and has a modified no trade clause (can submit five teams he cannot be traded to). I think that Kevin Cheveldayoff will take a hard look at options for Perreault this off season, or at the next trade deadline, whenever that is. While the Jets are not in a salary cap panic, I do not think there is a world where Perreault would be re-signed as a UFA, as there just does not seem to be a role for him on the Jets moving forward.

Perreault has been a loyal, hard working Jets player. He may be around for next season, but, I suspect that will be his last in a Jets jersey.