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Why the Bubble Hockey Playoffs are (probably) safe

As a practiced sceptic, this might not be a bad idea.

2020 NHL Stanley Cup Qualifiers - Player Arrivals

Max Domi is playing in the NHL playoffs. He is also a type-1 diabetic. It is probably far safer for him to be in the NHL’s bubble than not as the bubble is a far more controlled environment than it is outside of the bubble.

I have never been comfortable with the NHL playing in the midst of a pandemic and there are still some parts of them playing that make me uncomfortable, but I can see how the NHL is doing the best they can to keep the players safe and finish up the season. The harder part comes when it is time for next season, but we can cross that road when we get to it.

The key with the NHL bubble is that it controls who players come in contact with, they are wearing masks when around others, and not letting people from outside the bubble in. By guarding who is around the players the NHL has made it as safe as they can.

Players still opted out. That was not only their choice, but a smart one. It is one thing to be an adult who is entering the bubble with a pre-existing condition to enter into a safer environment where they will be monitored closely by doctors. On the other hand, if there is a family member who has a pre-existing condition, it is far easier to have someone at home who is able to go out to run errands while the other person stays home with the vulnerable person if they are kids or themselves if they are higher risk.

The NHL has done as good of job as one can to create a safe environment. They gave players the right to opt out if they wanted to and more than a couple did. There was no shaming them for doing so although all the players seemed to release an explanation as to why they made that choice. But they did not have to because we are in the middle of a global pandemic and even if we make a space really safe, some people will still feel the need to stay home which is perfectly normal.