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FlightZone: Version 3.0

This time it will feature Harrison taking some days to lighten the load.

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2020 NHL Stanley Cup Qualifiers - Player Arrivals

Every couple of years I try to up my productivity by running a daily links article. This is one of those times. This is an evolving effort and we could see it change based on what topics are available. Today we will have one small section about racism in hockey because I have a few articles on the topic.

Racism in Hockey

The voices of Black women need to be listened to when addressing racism in hockey. (Sportsnet)

The NHL has racial bias in scouting. (Hockey-Graphs)

Not a hockey article, but interesting all the same: dress codes are racist. The connection to hockey is that the NHL is doing away with dress codes for games in the bubble. (Anti-Violence Project)

I actually want to explain this one a bit more. I work at a summer program for newcomers to Canada who are school-aged (entering grade one all the way through grade twelve). We used to have both a formal wear day and a traditional dress day except for most of our kids their formal wear is their traditional dress. I unilaterally decided one year to amalgamate the two days into one as the majority white Canadian staff could continue wearing our formal wear and our kids could dress in their traditional formal wear as well. By having two separate days, we were implying that their traditionally formal outfits were not formal in our eyes. By the way, our group picture picture at the end of the year always looks amazing and diverse as we have kids from Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc. all under one roof.

Winnipeg Jets

You thought Patrik Laine would really go to Edmonton without his gaming station (and a tooth brush)? (Globe and Mail)

The Winnipeg Jets roster for the Bubble Hockey Playoffs. (Sportsnet)

The Calgary Flames did the same. (Sportsnet)

The Calgary Flames are ready for some weird atmosphere in the arena. I hope that the league has teddy bears in the stands so they are not entirely empty. (Journal Pioneer)

I hope Matthew Tkachuk is not too sick of losing. (

NHL News


The bubbles are open, but the finishing touches are happening. I hope that includes my aforementioned Teddy Bear Fans. (

The Bubble Hockey Playoffs will need an asterisk, but not because they are easier or some shirt. (NBCSports)

How do the Bubble Hockey Playoffs work anyways? (Sportsnet)

Y’all ready for some pre-season hockey at first? (CBS Sports)

The Toronto Maple Leafs do not have a forking clue about what will happen. (CBC Sports)

Those dastardly Boston Bruins will probably have David Pastrnak back for the playoffs. (

The Vancouver Canucks are practicing their power play which could matter or could not in the playoffs. (Sportsnet)