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Winnipeg Jets announce their roster

Winnipeg Jets v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have announced their training camp roster that will be cut down to 31 or fewer players before travelling to Edmonton for the playoffs. The Jets will play the Calgary Flames in the first round play in series. All stats from those games will count towards playoff totals.

There are no surprises for the Jets roster outside of the exclusion of Bryan Little. He had began skating with the team just prior to the season being postponed due to covid-19. It appears that Little and the Jets have decided to hold him out if he was able to return. No other players are missing from the roster.

The NHL has had an issue with keeping players uninfected in their home cities. When phase two started back up with the re-opening of facilities, there were numerous outbreaks. The Montreal Canadiens have been the most recent team to suffer an outbreak today. The Jets are a lucky team as Manitoba has done a good job at responding to covid-19 and is down to four active cases. It is up to the players to continue to follow the rules as closely as possible even if it sucks for them.

Players will undergo physicals tomorrow to make sure no one is suffering from underlying conditions that would put them at greater risk to get sick. At least two players will not go to Edmonton with the team.