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Do Sports Make You Cry?

2012 London Summer Olympics Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Simple question: do sports make you cry outside of when you get hurt playing them? Does watching someone win something make you cry? Or are you like me and a heartless bastard who only cries when Tim Thompson makes another sports video. Those videos will make an appearance on this blog later this week as we all become a puddle of tears together.

Maybe sports don’t make you cry in general, but you see one amazing act of sportsmanship and you become a puddle of tears? Is it your favourite team winning or your own child doing something great?

Sports are a powerful tool that tell us a lot about humans. The Olympics are the closest I ever get to sports making me cry and they do it regularly. It is a coach giving a skier a pole after her’s broke. It is a triathlete being thrilled coming in second-last after finding out that the guy who got through the swim and bike came in second. Or the moment that the greatest soccer player ever finally won a medal. Maybe there is crying in sports and maybe all of those tears come at the expense of watching Christine Sinclair. When have you cried in sports?