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Recap Brooklyn 99: The Takeback

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2019 - Season 50 Photo by: David Yeh/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Every season we get an episode with Doug Judy aka The Pontiac Bandit aka Darryl from The Office and every season the episode is a great one. Last night’s episode was no exception with Judy and Jake Peralta up to their normal shenanigans.

The hijinks started in the cold open and continued from there. If you know the show, you know that Jake and Rosa are close friends even if Rosa is sometimes a bit closed off to everyone. Oddly enough, we learned a lot about their friendship through Doug Judy in the first episode that featured him.

After the cold open, things took a turn for the better as Jake went on a bachelor party weekend to Miami with Judy and his criminal friends. Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, Terry is struggling to make sure he has Captain Holt’s office back to the exact way it was when he was moved to being a beat cop and Rosa is there to “help” him and by help I mean side with Holt on everything. Honestly, the dynamic between Rosa and Holt this season has been on point and this episode is just another example of that.

Because Brooklyn 99 often has a third story going on at the same time, they decided to have the vending machines once again play a role in the show and it worked. Having Amy, who is a sergeant and has a more peer-like relationship with the rest of the squad makes this storyline work.

Without giving anything away, this week’s Brooklyn 99 showed that Jake will always do the right thing, that Rosa is really great at siding with Holt and not making it obvious, and Amy teaches us what victim blaming doesn’t look like.

Join us next week for another recap and in the time in-between some book recs and other things once I get learning from home set up for my class.