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Winnipeg Jets trade for Cody Eakin

The Jets have entered “soft buyer” statue.

Carolina Hurricanes v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are currently acting like what I will call Soft Buyers. They are not giving up very much in trades and they are getting good players in return. This is the case with them trading for Cody Eakin from the Vegas Golden Knights for a conditional fourth round pick.

Eakin is a smart target for the Jets and is exactly what I mean by them being a Soft Buyer. He has bad counting stats, but decent underlying numbers. His Corsi and Fenwick are both at 50%, so he is not giving up more than he is providing for the team. He will allow them to have the Manitoba Moose with their best roster to go for a run while not leaving the Jets short on skill.

Time will tell if this is a trade that will actually help the Jets going forward, but I have a hard time seeing how it could actively hurt them unless the Golden Knights draft a really good player. As for the Golden Knights, they are in first in the Pacific Division and this frees up a pro-rated $3.85 million in cap space. They can use this space to actively improve their team going forward.