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The Winnipeg Jets end Bryan Little’s season

Bryan Little’s season is done.

New Jersey Devils v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have announced that Bryan Little’s season is over which has always been a possibility since he was injured in early November.

The Jets are being smart with the long-term health of Little by shutting him down. Based on the news when he was hurt, it can take a long time to heal from a broken ear drum and the symptoms can include vertigo. Shutting him down, even though he did well in testing allows Little to fully heal for September.

This will naturally bring out comments about Little’s future in hockey and that is not for any of us to decide for him. It is easy to say that you would retire for your long term health, but it can be hard to walk away from the only thing you have known for years because of injury. It can be incredibly hard and something that Little should not be judged on whatever choice he makes, if there is a choice to make.

The Jets are being smart with Little. They are giving him the time he needs to heal properly with no pressure to return by a certain date. I do wonder if this would have happened had the Jets been higher in the standings, but I like to think it would have because much of their success would have been achieved without him.