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Preview and GDT: Winnipeg Jets vs San Jose Sharks

The Sharks are bad, but can the Jets beat them? My brain is fried.

NHL: JAN 25 All-Star Game

Time: 6:00 PM CST

Channel: TSN3

Radio: TSN1290

For the past few years people have been predicting the downfall of the San Jose Sharks. Their downfall has finally come. They are the second worst team in the West next to the Los Angeles Kings and they are without a first round pick thanks to their trade for the currently struggling Erik Karlsson. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

They did try to save their season early by signing Patrick Marleau which in turn only ensured they would remain old. Even their young players are getting closer and closer to being considered older players around the age of 30. At some point it seems that the Sharks could not fight father time any longer and that time is now.

As for the Jets, they have fought their way back to the Wildcard after playing a few strong games in a row. The Sharks are ripe for them to have another strong game against and get another win along with the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday and the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday. This could work out to be a really nice stretch of games for the Jets moving forward.

That said, they do need to stay focussed on tonight. They have had a few issues with playing teams below them in the standings, but they were hopefully able to exercise those demons the last time the played the Blackhawks. If not, we should have a fun game tonight.