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No Free Speech was harmed here

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Ben Nelms/Getty Images

The Vancouver Canucks and Mark Donnelly have parted ways after Franceso Aquilini fired Donnellly for

I feel like a couple things need to be established: no one’s rights were suppressed here. Mark Donnelly was not banned from performing by Francesco Aquilini. Aquilini did not tell him he could not protest, he simply fired him which is his right. Donnelly’s protected right is the right to protest and Aquilini has the right to fire him.

This has been a normal conversation for these times. You have the right to think and do what you want, but if you are flouting provincial health orders and you work for a private company, you can have your contract terminated at any time. The fact that this happened is not a surprise.

The Vancouver Canucks will have a new anthem singer because their former anthem singer decided to perform at a protest for anti-maskers (do not get me started, please) and a private company. Both are within their rights. The government is not interfering here. Now please just stay home.